James Bond: The best 007 games to celebrate the launch of Die Can Wait

Game news James Bond: The best 007 games to celebrate the launch of Die Can Wait

While Daniel Craig puts on the costume of James Bond for the last time, we take advantage of the theatrical release of Dying Can Wait to bring back good memories … And what better for that than a Top 10 of the best games featuring the famous Agent 007.

10. James Bond 007 : The Duel (1991)

If James Bond made his first steps on the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 in 1983, it was not until 1991 that the British hero finally shines in the world of video games. Eh yes, we are obviously referring to James Bond 007: The Duel which is placed here on the bottom step of this Top 10. Released on MegaDrive, the little-known game of The Kremlin takes up the basics of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, a production that offers you to advance in two-dimensional settings to save hostages. Here, the recipe is the same then, except that instead of throwing magnificent hats to fight the enemies, our hero of the day uses his famous handgun.

9. GoldenEye: In the Service of Evil (2004)

In ninth position, this time we find GoldenEye: In the Service of Evil. A supercharged FPS which, despite its misleading title, has nothing to do with the famous Rare game released on Nintendo 64. In this unique adventure signed Electronic Arts, you do not play as James Bond, but one of his enemies. Yes, this production puts you in the boots of a former MI6 member who now works for a criminal organization. The latter, particularly determined, can arm himself with two weapons, one in each hand, to rob his too many opponents who try in vain to put obstacles in his way. As a reminder, the game is available on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.

8. Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

We continue our journey with James Bond with Demain Ne Meurt Jamais. The adaptation of the eponymous film by Roger Spottiswoode, is a third person game that obviously puts you in the costume of James Bond. The latter must put thugs behind bars, starting with Elliot Carver, a head of the press world who aims to trigger a conflict between China and Great Britain, just that. In this adventure available on PlayStation, the player takes part in 10 missions, including 7 which take up to the letter or almost the adventures of the aforementioned film.

7. The World Is Not Enough (2000)

One year after the launch of Demain Ne Meurt Jamais, it’s Michael Apted’s turn to be adapted into a video game. The Electronic Arts game of the same name abandons the third person in favor of the first and offers players to investigate the death of Agent 009. The title, released on PlayStation and Nintendo 64, is requested for its various situations and it is for this reason that it finds itself in seventh place in this Top 10. Yes … we still remember this absolutely Dantesque ski chase, at least for the time.

6.007: Good Kisses from Russia (2005)

Change of generation of consoles with 007: Good Kisses from Russia. The title, released in 2005 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, takes up the story of the 1963 feature film starring Sean Connery in the role of the secret agent … and that’s what makes the strength of this game in third person view. Indeed, from the start, the creation of Electronic Arts takes us to the Palace of Westminster to witness a spectacular sequence where James Bond himself must kill dozens and dozens of terrorists to save the Prime Minister’s daughter. The tone is set ! Note also that the game also benefits from a very successful split-screen multiplayer mode.

5. GoldenEye 007 (2010)

In fifth position, we find GoldenEye 007 … no, not the 1999 version, but indeed that of 2010. Even if this remake more or less takes up the basics of the game developed by Rare, this new creation signed by Eurocom is Far away from its ancestor by modifying many points of the main plot and also bringing some new ideas, starting with an online multiplayer mode. In all cases, GoldenEye 007 features a fast-paced, cinematic main campaign that still works wonderfully today, especially since the game has since had the right to a reissue on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

4.007: Spy For Target (2001)

We are starting to get into the unmissable ones with 007: Espion Pour Cible, which finds itself here in fourth place in our Top 10. In this adventure, our dear James Bond must once again save the world by fighting horrible thugs. And for that, nothing better than a detonating story which multiplies the situations. In addition to the classic shooting phases, the game regularly offers you to take control of emblematic vehicles. One mission even offers you to drive at full speed through the cobbled streets of Bucharest at the wheel of an Aston Martin DB5. Unfortunately, this adventure is as short as it is intense.

3.007: Quite or Double (2004)

In third position, we find 007: Quitte ou Double. A TPS that saw the light of day on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, and which has many arguments. In addition to its campaign regularly offering you to take control of vehicles of all kinds, Quitte ou Double has several multiplayer game modes. The first, in top view, offers four players to compete in small arenas, and the second, much more successful, asks you to go through a long story that can be played in co-op. Once again, the latter is generous and reveals a variety of phases of play.

2. 007 : Nightfire (2002)

On the second step of the podium, we find the excellent 007: Nightfire. Released in 2002 on PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, Nightfire is an FPS that knows how to speak to fans of the cinematographic saga by continuously varying the pleasures. Between infiltration sequences, spectacular action phases, snowmobile chases and passages behind the wheel of the famous Aston Martin, the title constantly offers new gameplay ideas. that hit the mark every time. Of course, the game also includes a split screen mode that will keep you busy for hours.

1. GoldenEye 007 (1997)

I imagine you are not surprised … But it was impossible for us not to put the Nintendo 64 version of GoldenEye 007 on the first place of the podium. I have to say that the game has long punctuated our evenings with friends thanks to its multiplayer mode bringing together four participants on a single screen, its inspired maps and legendary weapons; one inevitably thinks of the Golden Gun which makes it possible to strike down a target without fail and which pays homage to the film The Man with the Golden Gun of 1974, another adventure of Agent 007. But that’s not all, GoldenEye 007 is obviously endowed with a fascinating campaign effectively mixing action scenes and phases of infiltration.

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