Jean-Marie Le Pen will support Eric Zemmour if he is “better placed” than Marine Le Pen

“I hide my claws and my tail…” At 93, Jean-Marie Le Pen laughs at having been the devil of the Ve République, sunk in his ocher chair, at the manor of Montretout, in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine), Thursday, September 30.

The sky was red over Paris when he predicted to Eric Zemmour, nationalist polemicist and undeclared presidential candidate of 2022: “It’s starting to grow… He will soon have a Luciferian tail and split feet, too!” “ The far-right patriarch describes what he sees as an emerging demonization of the author of the French suicide (Albin Michel, 2014), while it pierces at 15% of voting intentions, according to an Ipsos poll published on Friday. Just behind Marine Le Pen (16%).

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Emmanuel Macron’s rival has plummeted by ten points since June, a first in nine years. “Marine has abandoned her fortified positions and Eric occupies the land she left”, accuses the co-founder of the National Front, excluded from the party in 2015 and always hostile to the demonization operated by his daughter. After the regional meetings, in June, he called on the National Rally (RN) to find its “Virility”. Through him, the whole old “Front” doubts. And who looks towards the Zemmourian arc going from the old RPR to the traditionalist fringe of the RN. In the federations, defections have already multiplied.

Determined to speak out ” until the moment where [il finira] in the wooden crate “, Jean-Marie Le Pen suddenly projects: “If Eric is the best placed national camp candidate, of course I would support him. “ An edge turn. Until now, he defended Marine Le Pen and grumbled against the division of the nationalist camp, comparing this summer Zemmour to the troublemakers, even to the “Stars of the show”. “Will he know how to take it?” It’s not that obvious, and I know something about it because I started at 0.74% “, notes the April 2002 finalist.

Zemmour, encouraged by the daughter of a minister of the Third Reich

The “Menhir” has affection for the one he sees as his friend. It is easier for him to make a phone call to him than to Marine Le Pen. He appreciates his « courage » and his « culture »“It’s becoming rare”. The two have maintained a warm relationship since the 1980s, sharing long conversations about France and political kitchens. The nonagenarian willingly came to Paris to see the journalist of the Figaro, at the Au Petit Riche brewery, and naturally he opened the doors to his home in Reuil-Malmaison.

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