Jean-Paul Belmondo, a “popular star” unanimously hailed who will be entitled to a national tribute

From the announcement of the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo, Monday, September 6, at the age of 88 in Paris, the reactions have multiplied to pay tribute to the actor with sixty years of career. Words from his friends in the world of cinema but not only so much the actor with the eighty films was loved by the public, as evidenced by the many memories, photos, videos and tributes shared by his fans on social networks. The television channels changed their programs on Monday evening to allow viewers to see the comedian, who said he was proud to be “A popular star”, to represent “The funny and foolish franchouillard” and of which several of the films achieved more than 4 million admissions when they were released. TF1 thus rebroadcast Itinerary of a spoiled child (1988), by Claude Lelouch, which won him a César for best actor in 1989. The other channels have bet on other of his great successes such as The magnificent (1973) or Cops and robbers (1979).

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“Jean-Paul passed away today. He left to join his old accomplices at the Conservatory. His sincere smile will always be there ”, wrote his family in a text sent to AFP, referring to the disappearance of his “Pillar”. Among the actors of his generation – many are already dead – it is Alain Delon, 85, with whom “Bébel” made his debut in 1958 in Be beautiful and stop talking, by Marc Allégret, before finding it in half a dozen films, which was most upset. “I am completely devastated, he said on Monday on the CNews channel. I’m gonna try to hang in there so I don’t do the same as him in five hours. Mind you, it wouldn’t be bad if we both left together. It’s a part of my life. “

Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo (with Madeleine Belmondo, the actor's mother in the background) during a ceremony for the Legion of Honor, in September 1980, at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Claudia Cardinale, her partner in particular in Cartridge (1962), by Philippe de Broca, also said “Upset” by the disappearance of the actor. “He was and will remain for me as for so many others, the very image of vitality. It will never cease to be in motion in my heart and in my memory ”, said the actress in a statement sent to AFP. Line Renaud greeted on Twitter the one the French saw as ” a friend ” : “We are all losing a lifelong friend. Bébel was the extraordinary hero of ordinary France and Jean-Paul a courageous and faithful man, deeply sincere. It was True !!!!! “

Line Renaud, singer and actress: “We are all losing a lifelong friend. Bébel was the extraordinary hero of ordinary France and Jean-Paul, a courageous and faithful man, deeply sincere ”

The Cannes and Venice festivals also paid tribute to the actor, who was distinguished there. Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, who in 2011 awarded him an honorary Palme d’Or for his entire career, said on Franceinfo: “We lived with his films. Behind the actor, there was a good guy. He could do anything. He had something of the little guy next door and at the same time he was a star. ” And to recall, on the Festival’s Twitter account: “For the 2011 tribute, the photographers had warned:” We will put our cameras on the steps and it will be to applaud him. ” His generosity as a man and an actor invented some of the greatest moments in the history of cinema. Thank you Jean-Paul. Farewell Magnificent. “ The Venice Film Festival, which takes place until Saturday, recalls, “With great affection and admiration, of the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, icon of French and international cinema, and the first extraordinary interpreter of the spirit of modernity specific to the New Wave. “ In 2016, the Italian festival awarded him a Golden Lion of Honor for his entire career.

Actors who grew up with his films also wanted to react on social networks. Guillaume Canet wrote on Instagram : “I always wanted to be like him, I grew up with his films that I watched over and over. “ Jean Dujardin posted this message on Instagram: “I will miss you… you will be missed so much.” Thank you Jean-Paul. ” Nicolas Maury, interviewed by The world, evokes, him, the “Modernity” of the actor: “If I spoke about it, I would be talking about her nose, her skin, her glowing bright round eye, her feline shine and her trickster’s dull step.” And then I would surely name the beauty of his nose, and of his voice that climbs into it. And then his side “actor-editor”: he is already assembled when he plays. It’s so modern its breaks, its opposing energies… and it’s not only thanks to Godard. The actors are immense filmmakers, sometimes. ” For the actress Marianne Denicourt: “He was an extraordinary actor who also had physical power and real charisma. Which is actually quite rare. I loved his banter and simplicity, and his adventurous side. I only met him ill but there was a warmth in his eyes, a wonderful tenderness. “

Moved reactions

The tributes also come from the world of sport, like that of boxer Tony Yoka, who spoke of his passion with the one who started on the rings as he said to The team : “He told me about his memories, he told me about the freedom he had known and experienced with his friends.” He embodied this freedom in his life and in his game. »

Abroad, the disappearance of the actor also aroused emotional reactions. “It’s a sad day for culture. A great actor and an icon of French and European cinema has passed away ”, reacted the Spanish comedian Antonio Banderas on Twitter. Italian Toni Servillo told AFP: “He is an actor who marked the youth of so many generations, who marked a specific participation in an important period of French cinema, who contributed to the training of generations of directors, it suffices to remember Breathless. He worked a lot in Italy, where he also had important love stories. It’s a loss that makes the world of cinema very sad. “ It is also at the “Magnetic star of the French New Wave” that pays homage New York Times in the USA. “Farewell Jean-Paul Belmondo” title, in French, the German daily image, in a photo of the actor.

The Elysée announced on Tuesday morning thata national tribute would be paid to Jean-Paul Belmondo, Thursday, September 9, at the Invalides. Previously, the President of the Republic greeted the actor on Twitter: “Jean-Paul Belmondo was a national treasure, full of panache and bursts of laughter, loud words and swift body, sublime hero and familiar figure, tireless daredevil and magician of words. In him we all found ourselves. ” Emmanuel Macron decorated Jean-Paul Belmondo in November 2019 at the Elysee Palace, making him a grand officer of the Legion of Honor. Two years earlier, in May 2017, during his last week at the Elysee Palace, François Hollande had decorated him with the insignia of a Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit. For his part, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, declared himself ” very sad “ after the death of the one who was “Truly a legend of French cinema, a great symbol of our cinematographic heritage”.