João Rendeiro was arrested by the Judiciary Police

At a press conference, the PJ announced that it had created a team to find the former banker.

We form an internal Judiciary Police team composed of three units: the National Anti-Corruption Unit, the Criminal Information Unit and our International Cooperation Unit, through the international office Interpol. We constitute a work team that, in permanent and daily meetings, managed to shorten the path to find this person. [João Rendeiro]”.

Luís Neves, National Director of the Judiciary Police, announced that João Rendeiro left the United Kingdom on September 14th and entered South Africa on the 18th of the same month, and that the Judiciary Police already had the whereabouts of João Rendeiro in their possession at the time the woman told the court where the former BPP administrator was.

From 20 to 24 November, the PJ reported that it met with the authorities of South Africa and that it received a prompt response from that country’s officers to detect and detain João Rendeiro. The arrest took place at 7:30 am, African country time.

There are legal mechanisms that go through the judicial authorities, especially the International Cooperation Office of the Attorney General’s Office, which issued a supporting document to be able to legally validate the extradition later on.”, revealed Luís Neves.

The Judiciary Police added that the former banker was surprised by the arrest and that he had been a refugee in Johannesburg’s financial district for some time. João Rendeiro was detained in the Umhlanga Rocks region, a wealthy area north of Durban.

South Africa will now decide when João Rendeiro can be extradited and return to Portugal, and the PJ has already confirmed that there may be extradition in this case, as steps were taken with the South African authorities for this purpose. The Judiciary Police believe that the former banker went to South Africa with help.

The Judiciary Police also revealed that João Rendeiro used several encrypted technologies during his time in order to be able to contact several people and be able to speak with the Portuguese media. “Something that reveals that João Rendeiro did not intend to hand himself over to the Portuguese authorities”.

João Rendeiro will be heard at the Durban Regional Court.

The PJ ended the conference recalling the victims of João Rendeiro and that the Judiciary Police did their job, “the work of victims, of human rights”.

Portuguese police looking for ex-banker

In November, RTP reported that the former banker was in South Africa, according to a revelation the woman had made under judicial questioning.

The former president of Banco Privado Português was sentenced at the end of September to three years and six months in prison in a case for qualified fraud.

A few weeks ago, João Rendeiro declared, in an interview with CNN Portugal, that he would not return to the country and that his departure from Portugal was a “legitimate defense”, due to the decision of the Portuguese justice.