Jordan Bardella takes up the conspiracy theory of the “great replacement”

Jordan Bardella, the vice-president and soon to be president of the National Rally (RN), took up for the first time, Sunday, August 29, the conspiracy theory of the “great replacement”, according to which the European population would be gradually replaced by immigrant populations – and which is one of the main markers of the far right.

The young MEP had published a first tweet on August 25 which indicated that “INSEE data confirms what we have been saying for a long time: immigration brings about a change of population, unprecedented in our history by its speed and scale. We have little time left to choose the face that France will have tomorrow ”. He himself had retweeted it with this comment, “Demography is fate”. Jordan Bardella was probably referring to an April 2021 INSEE study which indicated that between 2017 and 2018, the population had increased by 317,000 people, and that among them, 44% were immigrants.

Asked about this tweet on Sunday on BFM-TV, the young man was clearer: “When I see the LRs today, The Republicans, tell us we have a problem with immigration, there is a demographic shift. But we’ve been saying this for forty years ”Jordan Bardella said of the National Front founded in 1972. “Yes, there is a demographic shift which could raise fears that France will change its face in a few years, and it is already happening”, he added.

One of the reporters got confused a bit and asked him if he was thinking about “Big change”. “I don’t like this big substitute word because I find it unclear, it’s a very intellectual slogan but it points to a reality that is right. Who is fair, insisted Jordan Bardella. Go for a walk in all the neighborhoods where I grew up, in Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny, Drancy, and… ”“ Are you talking about skin color? “, intervenes the host Jean-Baptiste Boursier. “I am talking about culture, religion, the establishment on our soil of a civilization with which we do not share anything”, assured the MEP.

“An organized plan for the submersion of Europe”

The “great replacement”, popularized by Renaud Camus, a writer convicted in 2014 for incitement to hatred, was until then one of the main differences between the official speech of the RN and that, for example, of Eric Zemmour, who has been defending this conspiracy theory for several years.

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