Jorge Jesus “uneasy” with two players: «If we have to go to the full risk, let’s go» – Benfica

Benfica coach previews the Allianz Cup game

This Tuesday, Jorge Jesus previewed to BTV the game with Sp. Covilhã scheduled for tomorrow (7pm), meeting of the 3rd round of Group A of the Allianz Cup.
Need to score more than 3 goals: “To be in the final 4 we know that we have to score those goals, it will be the objective, it will not be easy, but we believe that we will have offensive creativity to unlock Sp. Covilhã. But the game will tell us how to set up the strategy in function of that result. Goal of all teams, having already one of the rivals out of the final four, and we’ll try but we know it won’t be easy. tomorrow’s game”


Jesus and the Champions League match with Ajax:

Sp. Covilhã hasn’t won for 9 games: Sp. Covilhã, in terms of objectives, the game doesn’t count. They will be a team defending a lot, trying to prevent us from unlocking their defensive organization. You will always be serene, even if you are losing, you will always remain serene. As soon as we score more than 3 goals, it will remain serene… The opponent will try to play not to lose by more than 3″

Tactic: “Tomorrow’s game implies a risky defensive tactical structure. With a line of 4 is one thing, a line of 3 is another. Tomorrow we have our players like Otamendi, Vertonghen… it will be the squad tomorrow, and these two they make me uneasy because I don’t know whether to risk it and I’ll put them to play or shoot them. We’re left with Ferro, Morato and Tomás. If we have to take the full risk, let’s go.”

What can be improved: “We coaches are trying during the season to try to evolve the team’s game ideas, on both sides of the pitch. Right now, Benfica has scored six goals in the last two games, which is very good. But they need to keep going during the game. that quality, not having breaks. Maintain the intensity that we did in some moments of these games. We are trying to adjust so that there are no breaks in the team, mainly offensively.”

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