Juan Reynoso surprises with Cruz Azul’s lineup for Day 2


Juan Reynoso made a change in the Cruz Azul line-up for the Clausura 2022 Matchday 2 duel against FC Juárez.

Juan Reynoso arrived at the Azteca Stadium for the Cruz Azul duel.
© Imago7Juan Reynoso arrived at the Azteca Stadium for the Cruz Azul duel.

Little by little, you begin to illuminate the outlook for Cruz Azul this semester, because to the restructuring that he suffered, in which he lost 12 of the soccer players on his squad, was added the loss of five elements for the debut in the Shout Mexico Clausura Tournament 2022 from MX League, between health and injured issues.

However, in the run-up to Day 2 against the Bravos de Juárez, to be played this Saturday at 9:00 p.m., Central Mexico time, again on the field of Aztec stadium, the strategist Juan Reynoso was already able to recover at least three elements that caused casualties: Santiago Gimenez and Luis Angel ‘Quick’ Mendoza who have overcome their coronavirus infections and to reinforcement Alexander Mayorga, that he had not been due to injury; though neither would boot from startup.

Thus, the only casualties that Cruz Azul will have for the second date are Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernandez, who requested a special permit to resolve a personal situation in Argentina, and the reinforcement Christian Tabó, who has also not been able to debut due to injury and could do so until the third date; coupled with pair of boosters who is still waiting for cement equipment in his defense and forward.

Juan Reynoso’s first rotation

Juan Reynoso surprised with the lineup of the cement team tonight, Well, he presented two modifications in midfield and sent to Uriel Antuna as the only man in the lead, thus presenting the first of his rotations that have characterized him so much.

The defense remains intact with a line of four with Julio Dominguez and Pablo Aguilar in the center, John Escobar on the right side and Adrian Aldrete to the left, while Alexander Mayorga He will stay on the bench waiting to add his first minutes as a cement player.

In the midfield they remain Rafa Baca, Erik Lira and Carlos Rodriguez as undisputed masters, in addition to Ignatius Rivero more charged on the offensive by the left wing, while by the left sector it reappeared Uriel Antuna, while the surprise points to the lead, where Reynoso opted to send the ‘Quuick’ up front, leaving Bryan Angulo on the bench, as well as Santi Gimenez, who only had one training session this week, and would send him to the field until the second half.

Confirmed alignment of Cruz Azul: