Karina Banda confirms that she tested positive for COVID-19

The last program of “Falling in love” for this year ended unexpectedly. The dear presenter Karina Banda She had to be absent for an unfortunate reason: she is infected with COVID-19.

The Mexican began to feel symptoms of the flu and immediately went to rest. The production of the Unimás reality show had to call Ana Patricia Gámez to make her substitute and luckily, she accepted.

Today while I was recording my Podcast I received a call with an invitation that I could not refuse ❤️ Accompany my dear @RafaAraneda in @EnamorandonosUsa 🥰 we had a good time! I hope you had as much fun as I did!“Gámez wrote in an Instagram post where he is seen with his former partner from the program.

That Karina Banda was ill were just rumors, but finally the Mexican broke the news on her Instagram account through a message in which she details how she feels and asks her followers to please take care of themselves, especially , in these December dates.

Confirmed the rumors

Thank you all for your messages and good wishes, I am positive in every way, TODAY I feel much better and firstly God I will be free of this virus in a few days”, He began writing.

Banda details that it all started with symptoms of a normal flu and therefore recommended everyone to undergo different tests for Covid-19. “It’s very weird, I came out negative several times until I tested positive in others. Take good care of yourselves and your family, wear masks and avoid hugging and kissing even if it costs us at this time“, He said.

He also assured that the cases of infected have been rising steeply in the United States and I send a lot of love to those who are going through the same situation. “I share that there are treatments that help to face the virus (investigate by calling a nearby hospital)”Reads the image he shared.

It should be noted that months ago Karina was vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer and soon the third dose was going to be placed.

I have not had serious symptoms perhaps because I was already vaccinated, I have faith that I will get out of this quickly. If God allows it, I will be able to have a good night with health and with my family at home”, He expressed.

Through her stories, Karina was optimistic and very smiling, enjoying the company of her pet. “Even the Covid does not take away my smile,” he wrote.