L1: Reims 0-2 Paris SG (finished)

Dominator then in management, Paris Saint-Germain logically won in Reims (0-2), this Sunday, at the end of the 4th day of Ligue 1. A victory without forcing for the club of the capital, carried by Kylian Mbappé, double scorer.

Without Messi at kickoff, the Parisians exerted enormous pressure on the opposing defense. Very sharp, Mbappé alerted Rajkovic for the first time on a strike at the near post. Before sanctioning it a few minutes later with a powerful header on a caviar from Di Maria (0-1, 15th). Determined to do very badly, the Parisians were unplayable and remained almost exclusively in the Reims camp apart from a few incursions by Touré and Kebbal.

Despite the asphyxiating pressing of visitors, Reims did not panic and tried to relaunch properly to find openings. The Champagne club even managed to scratch the ground but stumbled on a block in the Ile-de-France which perfectly crisscrossed the green rectangle. That didn’t stop Cassama from giving Navas a cold sweat on a sluggish shot that hit the right post. A big alert for a PSG so far very quiet.

The capital club was scared when they returned from the locker room on a goal from Munetsi refused for offside. A new warning which confirmed the difficulties of the visitors … who ended up making the break by Mbappé, without mercy in front of Rajkovic on a caviar from Hakimi (0-2, 64th). The moment chosen by Mauricio Pochettino to launch Messi, acclaimed by the audience of the Auguste Delaune stadium, necessarily happy to see a football legend tread the lawn.

In the short time spent on the pitch, La Pulga played at his own pace, never forcing. The Argentine star did not hesitate to combine with Mbappé, who often sought to hand him over to welcome him. Overall, PSG did not really press on the accelerator, avoiding the muscular interventions of their opponents, who if they were not unworthy, have never managed to catch up. Paris received 4 out of 4!

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343 (82 %)

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