Last czar’s heir marries in Russia, 104 years after the Bolshevik revolution

It is an unprecedented event in Russia since the Revolution of 1917. The heir of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, executed with his family by the Bolsheviks in 1918, got married this Friday (1) in St. Petersburg, in the presence of several elements of royal families of Europe.

Grand Duke Gueorgi Romanov, 40, married the Italian Rebecca Bettarini, 39, in a ceremony held in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, in the heart of the former imperial capital.

The tsar’s heir, with an opulent build and a gray beard, wore a black suit and yellow waistcoat, while the bride wore a long white gown with the emblems of the Russian empire embroidered in gold. Several women in traditional Russian attire helped the bride to wear the train of the dress and, following orthodox tradition, husband and wife were crowned at the ceremony.

According to the organizers, there were 1,500 guests, including Queen Sofia of Spain, the deposed king of Bulgaria Simeón II and his wife Margarita, as well as other representatives of European royal families.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and her husband Gauthier Destenay were also invited, as well as Russian diplomacy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.