“Lateral thinker”: Protests against corona rules in several cities

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Protests against corona rules in several German cities – journalists attacked

The demonstration train in Hamburg ran under the motto “The measure is full. Hands off our children

The demonstration train in Hamburg ran under the motto “The measure is full. Hands off our children ”

Source: dpa / Georg Wendt

In Hamburg, Trier and Berlin, among others, demonstrations against the government’s corona measures have been illegal. The police warned of a heated mood. Several members of the press were assaulted.

TThousands of people have demonstrated against the Corona rules in different cities.

In Hamburg Around 5,000 so-called lateral thinkers and vaccine skeptics gathered, a police spokeswoman said on request. The number of participants registered was 2000. The demonstration, which has now been taking place every Saturday for weeks, was peaceful, but there were difficulties with keeping a distance.

The motto of the demonstration was “The measure is full – hands off our children” and moved through the city center.

A participant in the demonstration in Hamburg holds a banner that says "No to compulsory vaccination!"

A participant in the demonstration in Hamburg holds a banner that reads “No mandatory vaccination!”

Source: dpa / Georg Wendt

The mood is heating up, according to the police in Trier

Also at a rally by critics of the Corona rules and a counter-demonstration in Trier the security forces were challenged. As the police announced, a total of up to 400 people from both camps demonstrated at times in the pedestrian zone. “We noticed at today’s meetings that the mood among the divergent groups is heating up,” said the police.

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It was thanks to the de-escalating, but also at times “very specific” action taken by the police that there were no attacks.

Opponents of the Corona measures are demonstrating illegally in Berlin

Despite the ban on demonstrations, opponents of the corona measures are in Berlin-Friedrichshain took to the streets. The police spoke of a number of participants in the “lower three-digit range”. The demonstrators therefore illegally moved from Strausberger Platz to Alexanderstraße and on towards Frankfurter Tor and Bersarinplatz, said a spokeswoman.

There were several arrests for violating the Corona rules and for resisting the officials. A journalist from the “Tagesspiegel” who filmed the protests on his cell phone was attacked by a participant. He snatched the smartphone from him. The journalist was able to get it back after a scuffle. The alleged perpetrator must now answer for attempted robbery. Overall, there were several attacks on representatives of the press, according to scene experts, among the perpetrators were neo-Nazis from Brandenburg, part of the “Division MOL” group, which is active in the area around Strausberg east of Berlin.

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Jörg Reichel, Berlin managing director of the journalists’ union at the Verdi union, told the Tagesspiegel that a journalist had been surrounded and kicked by a group after she fell to the ground. “Some known right-wing extremists were involved in the attacks,” said Reichel. “We are very concerned that the violence against journalists will increase in the coming months.”

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Saxony's Minister of Health Petra Köpping (SPD) described the torch protests in front of her house as

Even in several Thuringian cities there were protests. According to the police, more than 2,000 people took part. Alone in Greiz, located in East Thuringia on the state border with Saxony, around 1500 people came together on Saturday evening, as the police announced on Saturday evening. The meeting was therefore not registered. Occasionally pyrotechnics were ignited, and bottles were thrown, as it was said.

In Eisenach the police reported about 500 participants in a protest against the corona policy in the small town Bad Liebenstein around 230 participants were counted. In Thuringia – with Saxony the state with the highest number of infections nationwide measured by the number of inhabitants – actions against the corona rules were expected. The police worked with many officers across the country.

According to the Corona regulation, only 35 people are allowed to gather in one place outdoors. Further actions are expected in the Free State on Sunday.