Laurent Hess’s analysis: “Ryad Boudebouz sends a message, the supporters too”

Zapping But! Football Club AS Saint-Etienne newspaper: Can we believe in better days?

History has not repeated itself … Jura Sud had taken the ASSE out of the Coupe de France in 1998 but on Sunday, the hierarchy was respected between the last of L1 and the residents of N2, 13th in their group. In Louhans-Cuiseaux, the Greens did not miss their first game of the new year. After leaving Lyon-Duchère (1-0) in December, for their entry into the running, thanks to a goal from Arnaud Nordin, they hardly trembled to go to the round of 16, by easily dismissing weak Jura ( 4-1).

The Greens are in 8th but the essential is elsewhere, of course

With two goals from Mickaël Nadé and Arnaud Nordin in the first quarter of an hour, there was not really a photo at the Bram stadium, even if ASSE fell asleep a little by the hour of play, this which Jura Sud took advantage of to reduce the score thanks to Tiago Moura, his Brazilian playing master. A “suspense” of short duration since Bakary Sako, for his return, transformed a penalty in the wake, before a 4th goal signed Ryad Boudebouz, on a distant free kick. A very prominent Boudebouz, clearly above the rest, who showed how absurd it had been to do without his services for so long under the Claude Puel era, and on whom Pascal Dupraz should not fail to rely in its maintenance operation. The other satisfactions of this match from which no real lessons could be drawn came from the behavior of the Nadé-Kolo hinge, Aimen Moueffek, enterprising in the midfield, Nordin, with his speed, and Sako, scorer from his return.

To seek maintenance, it will take real reinforcements

But it will take other reinforcements than Sako and Joris Gnagnon, which Dupraz says he is “out of form”, for the Greens to succeed in their second half of the season. And that they stay in L1. Because their goal for the start of the year is there, obviously, and the supporters present at Louhans-Cuiseaux have reminded them, in their own way. The smoke that interrupted the game for twenty minutes, shortly after kick-off, showed how secondary the Coupe de France can be in their eyes. The fireworks fired after qualifying too. This behavior leaves the threat of sanctions on the part of the FFF. And he reminds us of the Ultras’ fed up with the situation of the club and the shareholders who are still there, loyal to the position, despite the rhetoric about their desire to hand over before the end of 2021. .

to summarize

ASSE is in the 8th finals of the Coupe de France and its victory against the fans of Jura Sud (4-1) yesterday, we will remember above all the performance of Ryad Boudebouz, excellent. But also the behavior of Saint-Etienne supporters, in their yardage …