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In a colorful “hair-by” between FC Chauves and AS Chevelus, the suspense was over until the end. Until a penalty shootout during which the bald people finally made the difference in front of a stadium of La Créchère in delirium.


FC Bald 3-3 AS Chevelus

Goals: Nivet (65e) and Limousin (80e, goal counts double) for Les Chauves // Michaud (67e, SP), Bouteau (77e) and Arnaud (86e) for the Scalp

“We’re going to mow you!” ” The threat from FC Chauves players at kick-off is clear: no mercy for their AS Chevelus counterparts in this shock at the top. The 1350 people gathered behind the handrail of the Stade de la Créchère, at the Rabatelière, are impatient to see this “hair-by” between two big clubs with a longer past and longer than the mop of Mattéo Guendouzi. And at the end of an unbearable second period, the Bald thought they had succeeded in putting their threat into action in the game before finally triumphing on penalties. What show !

Not enough to cut your hair in four

Three minutes. Time necessary for the legend Benjamin Nivet to deliver his first cross to the so-called Nicolas Ravon, whose half-volley unfortunately flies above (3e). The occasion of the first lyrical flight for the two commentators of the day, Simon and Quentin, perched on their scaffolding. While the bald kop raises the mood with “Whoever does not jump is not shaved!” ” , Eloïse Laporte (6e) and Antoine Lardière (12e) are very close to the opening of the score for the scalp. But it was counting without the great Steeve Elana, not tired by his 1000 kilometers swallowed from Martigues to come and compete for this shock at the top, which is insurmountable.

While the changes are linked in the middle of the action and Steven Guilbert tries his hand at somersaults in the midfield, Benjamin Nivet decides to turn up the volume. Bad luck for the n ° 11 for a day, the doorman is none other than Erwan Bouteau, who responds admirably (22e, 24e). Enough to keep his team afloat until the fateful 25e minute, moment to stop the game to pay homage to the referee of the day Patrick Malidin, and his 25 years of whistle, all moved in his costume which smells of the 90s. The end of this first act is less animated, barely if Étienne Michaud misses his face-to-face on the hairy side (37e). The opportunity also to see a Steeve Elana passed in the field overflow and cross for the head of Benjamin Nivet, unfortunately not framed (39e). A hair’s breadth away from the anthology moment.


The whole Rabatelière is just waiting for the goals, and local star Benoît Ravon is very close to finally finding the opening (49e). The Nivet-Elana connection works wonders – yes yes -, and the two kops respond to each other in an atmosphere of great evenings. The time for Benjamin Nivet to blow up the bald camp after a superb control of the former last rampart of Brest in the area (1-0, 65e). No time to celebrate that the latter must return to the cages to try to deflect Etienne Michaud’s penalty, in vain (1-1, 67e). Barely disturbed by the entry of a streaker coming to show his burst of speed, the 22 actors relaunch themselves in the battle.

Heroic in his cages in the first period, Erwan Bouteau comes out of the bench to come and play at the forefront and demonstrate that after having been the big player in the rise in D2 in 2015, he knows how to do everything. (1-2, 77e). The long-haired think they hold the victory, but it is counting without the blow of helmet of Samuel Limousin (3-2, 80e). The VAR at the edge of the field is formal: the ball has crossed the line, and as stipulated by the rules, it counts double since it scored with the head. Guillaume Arnaud finally sends the two teams on penalties (3-3, 86e). Despite the failures of Benjamin Nivet and Steeve Elana at 11 meters, Florent Duret does not tremble when it comes to offering victory to the bald people before an endless lap of honor to the sound of smoke. This is real football.

FC Bald: Steeve Elana, Jérôme Clairgeaux, Philippe-Marie Coutaud, Richard David, Florent Duret, Steven Gilbert, Yannick Gilbert, Julien Hermouet, Jean-Michel Laporte, Marc Laporte, Alain Levron, Samuel Limousin, Olivier Souchet, Jérôme Milasseau, Julien Milasseau, Romain Milasseau, Ludovic Neau, Benjamin Nivet, Jacky Pelletreau, Nicolas Ravon, Yoann Vion. Coach: Régis Lami.

AS Chevelus : Erwan Bouteau, Guillaume Arnaud, Fabrice Arrive, Kevin Arrignon, Benoît Baudry, Antonin Boudeau, Jacques Brochard, François Chauviere, Manon Coutaud, Thomas Coutaud, Maxime Guerin, Eloïse Laporte, Antoine Lardiere, Étienne Michaud, Baptiste Piveteau, Guillaume Piveteau, Romain Piveteau , Benoît Ravon, Ludovic Rabreaud. Coach: Philippe Guichet.

Relive the match between Les Chauves and Les Chevelus (4-3)

By Tom Binet, at the Créchère stadium