Lewis Hamilton beat Max Verstappen in a crazy race in Jeddah

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is ​​the penultimate date of the Formula 1 season, don’t miss this race that can define the championship; you have F1 in Star +

LEWIS HAMILTON WON AND ALSO MAKES THE QUICK LAP: thus, the definition will be in Abu Dhabi even in points. It remains to be seen if the FIA ​​will investigate the rare Verstappen maneuver and decide on a sanction for the Dutchman.

Lap 44 of 50: Hamilton now passes Verstappen and leads the competition.

Lap 43 of 50: Verstappen lets Hamilton pass, but immediately attacks him again and wins the position. The FIA ​​then decides to penalize Verstappen’s race time with an additional five seconds. Max has five seconds to make that difference.

Lap 37 of 50: Verstappen protected himself from an attack by Hamilton. They stuck and Max went off the track. The next lap they asked Verstappen to leave the position, in the middle of the track the Dutchman slowed down and Hamilton hit him from behind. The most incredible thing is that the cars are still on the track, with Hamilton’s front wing badly damaged.

This is going to be investigated by the FIA ​​at the end of the race, but it is a very strange and controversial maneuver.

The race was restarted on lap 33 of 50. Verstappen holds the lead with Hamilton second. Max leads Hamilton eight points in the drivers’ championship. Thus, I would get 15. There is an extra point for the fastest lap, so that point is also very important.

Virtual Safety Car: He pauses to clean up the track as there is a lot of car debris on the track. We insist that these pacing stops help Verstappen’s medium tires.

Hamilton does not lose contact with Verstappen: the differences oscillate between the second and a half and 8 tenths of a second. It is the 30th of 50 laps.

Virtual Safety Car: Due to the clash between Vettel and Tsunoda. These situations favor Verstappen, as the Dutchman has medium tires against the hard ones of Hamilton with 25 laps to complete. The stoppage of the race pace penalties lasted a turn and turned green.

Reboot: Verstappen after starting third, crossing first at the first corner as he passed Hamilton and Ocon. Verstappen started third, because in the previous restart he overtook Hamilton on the outside and had to return the position to the Briton.

Charles Leclerc was the pilot who hit Checo Pérez from behind. That left out the Mexican driver’s Red Bull.

Checo Pérez, starting from eighth, was out due to a multiple accident. Mazepin and Russell were also out. New red flag.

RESET FROM STOP: Hamilton attacked Verstappen but Max on the outside held the British. Ocon crashed on Lewis and Esteban placed second.

RED FLAG: With this red flag (because they need more time to repair the tech pro of the barriers that Schumi destroyed), Max Verstappen can now change the tires and put himself in the same race plan situation as Mercedes. Verstappen will restart the race as first, and with hard new.

SAFETY CAR: Due to the Mick Schumacher crash, the safety car had to leave. Hamilton and Bottas pitted. Verstappen does not and takes the tip. Checo Pérez did go through the pits. The Mercedes and Checo are now with a hard tire.

Verstappen, after 5 laps of 50, remains in contact with the Mercedes: 2.8 seconds behind Hamilton; and 1.5 from Bottas. Pérez loses ground with respect to these drivers by being fifth, behind Leclerc’s Ferrari.

START: Hamilton kept the lead and Bottas managed to contain Verstappen. Checo for a moment took fourth position from him but Leclerc regained it.

Follow the racecast here.

Do not miss minute by minute detail of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, penultimate date of the Formula 1 season.

The Formula 1 He lives his penultimate date of the 2021 championship and the Mexican Checo Pérez still dreams of the possibility of reaching third place in the drivers’ championship, a goal that would put him as his best overall place in a season.

Checo Pérez He is 13 points behind the Finn Valtteri Bottas, who has 203 to 190 from Guadalajara. Checo has made a comeback in the last five seasons and in Saudi Arabia he has one more chance to catch up with his rival.

Meanwhile, after a dramatic qualifying session for the Saudi Arabian GP, ​​in which Lewis Hamilton emerged as the great winner of the pole, both Mercedes and Max Verstappen have their first match point of the tournament this Sunday.

The German organization may win its ninth constructors’ championship in Jeddah and Verstappen could claim his first driver’s title.