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In the year of the World Cup much is expected of Lionel Messi. And the first news that was heard of the Argentine from PSG is that tested positive for COVID-19Therefore, he is isolated with his family at home in Rosario.

Yesterday, the star had to return to Paris to join his team – Di María and Paredes did the same on Saturday – but there was no trace of him, until the French team reported that it was complying with the protocols after testing positive.

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According to the newspaper “Olé” of Argentina, these days already Leo feels fine after the first two days “Hit him hard” the contagion. There is no news on how and where it could have been infected, but many point to their nephew’s birthday party, after Christmas, where he had contact with many guests without the use of masks and without respect for social distance.

The parties are not prohibited in the province of Santa Fe, but they are limited to 500 people and only since last Saturday it is mandatory to have a health pass, a document that proves that you have at least two vaccines against the coronavirus.

How did Messi get COVID-19 ?: all the details
The player could not avoid contact with all the guests at his Christmas party, despite the warnings about the omicron variant had already arrived in Argentina.

The medical part

It is expected that Messi he recovers so that he can travel to Paris. “This would already be for a few days, after Christmas”, tells us , from “La Capital” de Rosario. “Not in vain did not upload more photos”, comments us.

After the photos of the party, which were made public on December 27, Leo He had no more ‘public appearances’, except for a post about his 2021 recap. “It is subject to health protocols”, explains PSG in its statement. Now he is more recovered, already without ailments (which were not serious) and studying the last days, says “Olé”.

His condition as an athlete has helped him to deal with this contagion in the best way, but to this is added the vaccination process of which he was part. “Not necessarily, but it’s probably because most athletes are young and don’t have many risk factors. In general, young patients have a more relaxed time “, says Dr. Eduardo Matos, infectologist at the Archbishop Loayza Hospital, however, he does emphasize that being an athlete helps him to react better due to various factors.

“Playing sports is a protective factor for severe disease. Young people like athletes usually present mild or asymptomatic forms, also tells us Fernando Mejía, infectologist at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

For the doctor and university professor Eduardo Matos, there is an advantage of athletes above the common. “It is also due to the lack of comorbidities. Most have total periodic controls, heart, lung, hematological, so when a problem is detected they are quickly solved. Those who are active are totally healthy, without any known risk factor “, tells us.

Indeed, each preseason, athletes pass medical exams to start training with their clubs. Although, there are cases that cannot be detected, such as the Kún Agüero heart problem, all of them have to be 100% fit for sports. This also helps that, when the football bags overcome the contagion, they can detect sequelae that the disease has left them. “It is likely that many people are left with myocarditis, but an athlete undergoes tests and if they are left with sequelae, they can be found”says Dr. Matos.

However, Messi also helps him in this recovery process that he has already received three doses of vaccines, as reported by the newspaper “Olé”. “The vaccine has changed everything, but like any other person it requires isolation and regular monitoring”, adds Mejía, who takes the case of Leo as a clear example that vaccines help to cope with the disease. There the importance of vaccination. Reduces the time of contagion, reduces symptoms and allows an earlier return to work, sentence.

“Vaccines make them more protected. There are players, like in the NBA, who have not wanted to be vaccinated and are in question, because they test positive and can infect their environment. Today it is not well seen that they are not vaccinated and thus they have a better predisposition to face the contagion “adds Dr. Matos.

Thus, Messi is expected to overcome the disease shortly. It is likely that he was infected between December 26 and 28, so he has already been contagious for more than five days and according to the Argentine press, he is dealing with the disease well.



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