Lockdown for the unvaccinated from Monday

Vienna / Hanover. In Austria, a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people will apply from Monday. This was announced by Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg on Sunday at a press conference in Vienna. “We are not taking this step lightly. But unfortunately it is necessary, ”said the Chancellor. The reason is the low vaccination rate and the particularly high number of non-vaccinated people. “That is the bottom edge of the measures.”

From Monday, unvaccinated people aged twelve and over are only allowed to leave their homes for urgent reasons. The federal states should also be free to take further measures selectively. “We all know that the risk to which unvaccinated people are exposed is many times higher,” said Schallenberg. The incidence in unvaccinated people is over 1700.

Austria: already restrictions for unvaccinated people through 3G and 2G regulations

Around 64 percent of Austrians have so far had full vaccination protection. “With this vaccination quota we will get stuck in a vicious circle”, affirmed the Chancellor and appealed to all citizens: “The only way is and remains vaccination.”

Schallenberg had discussed the restrictions for unvaccinated people in a video conference with the heads of government of the federal states on Sunday. A corresponding draft for the new Corona regulation was made public on Saturday.

The restrictions for unvaccinated people are already great – for example, due to the 3G rule in the workplace and the 2G rule in public life. The resolution is intended to increase willingness to vaccinate and reduce social contacts and thus curb the fourth corona wave. Records are set almost daily for new corona infections in Austria. More than 13,000 infections were registered on Saturday. The seven-day incidence of new infections per 100,000 population rose to 814.6.