LOSC (2-1): we know more about the injury of Messi, Leonardo mad with rage!

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Author of the decisive pass for the equalizer of Marquinhos (74th) and the second Parisian goal with a flat left foot low to the ground (88th), Angel Di Maria was the hero of the victory of Paris Saint-Germain this Friday against LOSC (2-1), opening the 12th day of Ligue 1.

Seconds after the final whistle, the Argentine right winger spoke about the injury of Lionel Messi, who came out at the break due to muscle discomfort. “The pain he had was before the game, it was the same, and I think it’s nothing serious. Only precaution,” said Angel Di Maria at the microphone of Amazon Prime Video . Mauricio Pochettino confirmed this reassuring news: โ€œHe left as a precaution, in agreement with the medical staff. He will be available for the next game against Leipzig. “

For his part, Leonardo has set the record straight around the media treatment given to PSG. โ€œThere is a way of criticizing that is a little gratuitous, it is a little too much. Compared to the coach, to the great players, those who arrived this year. I don’t understand why, but we accept. You can say that we are not well, but it is starting to cross the line a bit. To say that the coach does not know anything about football, that the great players that we have taken are zero, he enraged. That we do not play as we want, yes okay. But we are in a scheme, we are looking. There has never been a lack of effort, this is the fourth victory that we have like that. It’s a characteristic of a team that wants. There, we are more worried about Instagram, the photo, where they were … We talk more about that than something specific and that annoys. You can’t talk about Mbappรฉ, Messi, Neymar, Verratti, or the coach and Marquinhos like that. “

to summarize

After the victory this Friday of Paris Saint-Germain against LOSC (2-1), Angel Di Maria spoke about the injury of Lionel Messi, who came out at the break due to muscle discomfort.