LR opens the vote to decide Eric Ciotti and Valérie Pécresse

Eric Ciotti or Valérie Pécresse, who will be nominated as Les Républicains (LR) candidate in the presidential election? It is up to the party members to decide, as for the first round. They began, Friday, December 3 in the morning, to vote for the second round of their congress. The dematerialized ballot opened at 8 a.m. and will continue until Saturday 2 p.m. The winner will be announced at 2:30 p.m. during a press conference.

The two contenders in the running are Eric Ciotti, who came slightly ahead with 25.6% of the vote in the first round ended Thursday afternoon, and Valérie Pécresse, who totaled 25% of the ballots. The member of the Alpes-Maritimes defends a right-wing line assumed on security and immigration, capable of bringing back to LR voters tempted by the extreme right. The president of Ile-de-France is playing the card of skill and order to bring her political family together.

Shortly after the results were announced on Thursday, the three unfortunate candidates in the first round (Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand and Philippe Juvin) gave their support to Valérie Pécresse. This theoretically, in the event of significant carryovers of the votes, favors it, because this would allow it to be in the majority without difficulty in the second round. A weak mobilization of members, thinking that the election is already “folded”, could nevertheless favor Eric Ciotti.

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Paperless ballot

For his part, the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, announced his support for Valérie Pécresse on Thursday evening. “My political career and my vision of France guide my choice”, he wrote in a statement. Mr. Larcher, who had been chairman of the support committee of Pécresse in the last regional elections, was not positioned before the first round. However, he emphasizes having “Respect and friendship for Eric Ciotti, for the strength of his convictions”. In the second round, “Everyone will vote according to their convictions. But, from Saturday evening, it is the gathering that will be our roadmap around the one who will be designated by our members ”, he says.

Since midnight Friday, the two finalists no longer have the right to speak publicly, and this duty of reserve will last until the results are announced. In this campaign between two blitzes, both hammered their message Thursday night.

“I am a woman who wins and who does”, assured Valérie Pécresse, boasting of a “Ability to bring together all the sensitivities of the right” : according to her, “On the Elysée side, they will have to rewrite their scenario” of a second turn facing the far right. “Dare the right because we need it”, said Eric Ciotti, according to whom “A positioning too close to macronism will in no way make it possible to beat the outgoing President of the Republic”.

The ballot is dematerialized but in support of the computers are made available to the members in a certain number of hotlines opened by the federations. In the first round, the turnout had reached 80.89%, out of an electoral body of 139,742 members.

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