Maid receives a tip of 4 thousand euros and… is fired

UA restaurant maid from Arkansas, USA, was fired after receiving probably the most generous tip of her life.

According to the NY Post, it all happened on December 6, when Ryan Brandt and a colleague worked at an event with about 40 people, at the restaurant ‘Oven and Tap’, in Bentonville. The event in question was organized by the owner of a real estate agency who wanted to raise money for the restaurant’s employees, who went through several difficulties during the pandemic.

Therefore, all guests were encouraged to donate around $100, which would be shared by the employees who would be serving at the event.

Ryan was surprised with a help of 4,400 dollars (almost 4,000 euros). The moment of delivery of the money was recorded on video.

However, knowing what had happened, the owner of the restaurant, and Ryan’s boss, forced him to return the tip, which would have to be shared with all his colleagues, some of whom had not even been working.

According to the woman, she would have to return the money to the manager and would be given only 20% of the amount.

Ryan, however, did not want to do it, not least because, he says, the tips had never been split before. Days later, the woman was fired.

When the man who had given the tip learned of the situation, he demanded that the restaurant return the money to him and gave half the amount directly to the maid. She also created a fundraising page, which in one day, collected around 8 thousand euros to help the woman pay for her daughter’s studies.

In a statement, those responsible for the ‘Oven and Tap’ claim that the woman was fired for reasons unrelated to tipping.

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