Man with crossbow breaks into Windsor as British royals celebrate Christmas

The 19-year-old, armed, was arrested on Saturday morning after breaking and entering, but before being able to enter a building

Fortunately, the situation was brought under control before it escalated. Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m., an armed man broke into the site of Windsor Castle, while the royal family was celebrating Christmas there.

The man, 19, a resident of Southampton, in the south of England, was “arrested on suspicion of trespassing on a protected site and possessing a weapon,” police said.

“We can confirm that the security procedures were triggered a few moments after the man entered the site and that he did not enter any building,” she continued.

According to the Daily Mirror, the suspect was spotted on surveillance cameras carrying a crossbow.

Windsor Castle.


“The security agents could not believe their eyes,” said a security source to the tabloid, adding that an important security device had been deployed “to ensure the safety of the queen who was in her personal quarters” .

According to the newspaper, “a major reassessment of security procedures” is to be expected after the incident.

The Mail on Sunday claims that in addition to the crossbow, the suspect was fitted with a rope ladder used to cross metal barriers. While crossbows are considered lethal weapons in the UK, wearing them does not require any license or registration.

“An investigation is underway following this incident and we are working with our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police (the territorial police force responsible for Greater London),” Police Commissioner Rebecca Mears told The Sun. “We don’t think there is a greater danger to the public,” she added.

Warned of this intrusion, the royal family was still able to continue its Christmas festivities. In particular were present Elisabeth II, who remained to celebrate Christmas there because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also her eldest son Charles and the latter’s wife, Camilla.