Merkel dismisses the image reporter in the flood area: “Hello … could you listen, please?”

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Laschet laughs in the crisis area, the Chancellor rebukes: Angela Merkel showed her stern side. The Chancellor admonished a reporter with clear words.

Adenau – On Sunday (July 18), Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) visited places in the Eifel particularly affected by the flood disaster. In Adenau, she gave a press conference together with the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD), at which reporters and citizens were present. In addition to the journalists, a local resident also had a say who was concerned about health care in rural areas, especially about the local hospital.

Merkel passed the question on to the Prime Minister. When this responded to the citizen’s request, the Chancellor Dreyer interrupted and spoke admonishing words to the audience. “May I ask that the lady from the Bild newspaper … Hello … Could you listen, please? Can you maybe let the lady listen to what the Prime Minister says and do your interview afterwards? ”She added“ That would be great ”afterwards.

Merkel reprimands picture reporter: applause from the crowd

Merkel received brief applause from journalists and citizens for her call to order. Then Prime Minister Dreyer could continue with her answer.

Merkel apparently went against the grain that the picture-Reporter wanted to win the questioner during Dreyer’s answer for an interview. So she probably didn’t notice much of the answer. “So that you can still hear what Ms. Dreyer says,” Merkel had justified her intervention.

While the Chancellor received a lot of praise in the social networks, an appearance in the crisis area became a boomerang for successor candidate Armin Laschet. There is also increasing criticism of the CDU chief’s crisis management team.

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