“Michael Wendler will soon all be flying around the ears”

After another absence in court, an arrest warrant was issued against the pop star. As soon as Michael Wendler enters Germany, he will be arrested. That could mean the end of his life in Florida, too.

Michael Wendler landed one of his greatest hits with “Egal” – but this attitude could soon become the singer’s undoing. Because while he believes he can outsmart the German legal system by emigrating to the USA, the noose around his neck is tightening in this country.

What happened?

Michael Wendler should have appeared before the district court in Dinslaken on Tuesday. The reason: a lawsuit against him for aiding and abetting a foreclosure. There are six months probation in the room. The singer had already had three dates postponed – and he did not appear on the fourth either. A few hours beforehand, the 49-year-old had a message that he would be represented by his lawyer.

The judge in charge did not play along. She requested the presence of the singer and issued an arrest warrant against him. Means: As soon as Michael Wendler sets foot on German soil, he will be arrested and brought before the court. On his Telegram channel, the singer claimed on Wednesday that the procedure was disproportionate and that his lawyer could very well have represented him “fully legally”. You can read the complete statement here.

This decision, however, does not lie with him, but with the responsible judge. “The Code of Criminal Procedure provides for an obligation to be present, which the court obviously also assumes here,” attorney Sören Schomburg confirmed when asked by t-online. If Michael Wendler hadn’t signaled with repeated postponements that he actually wanted to take part in person, only to cancel at short notice, it could have looked different.

“There is an extension of the suspended sentence in the room”

The judge’s decision could also indicate an increased sentence, the lawyer said. This is also confirmed by Timo Berger, who was one of the few who was allowed to be in the negotiating room on Tuesday. “There is an extension of the suspended sentence in the room, so it was determined that Michael Wendler must be present,” said the tour operator. Since 2016 he has organized all flights for the pop star, over time he became a close confidante of Wendler, also privately.

Timo Berger has been organizing all of Michael Wendler’s trips since 2016 and has often been to the USA with him. (Source: Instagram / Timo Berger)

The fact that the 49-year-old rejects “all allegations and accusations from the Duisburg public prosecutor’s order” in his statement and even describes them as “absurd” is pure mockery for Berger. “I am informed of every charge and in my opinion these allegations are also true. At that time, the GEMA rights went to his ex-wife Claudia because Michael was in debt. When Claudia could no longer pay, the rights went back to Michael.”

Further investigations have been initiated

The entrepreneur himself still has an account with the singer. Wendler left Berger on 29,000 euros in advance payments for his planned pompous wedding celebration Sit with Laura Müller, who fell into the water due to the corona pandemic. However, he does not want to be personally liable for this, says his record company “Cape Music Inc.” whose CEO is his 19-year-old daughter Adeline.

All tricks to protect income from his creditors, says Timo Berger – and can prove it according to his own statements. “I have collected 300 pages of material and submitted it to the court,” said the entrepreneur. This includes: all account statements from 2018, 2019 and 2020 of all US accounts of Michael Norberg, as the pop star is rightly called. “He signed every transaction, every check. This shows that there is only Michael Norberg, no one else manages this income.”

In this matter, Timo Berger co-led another procedure the goat company “Uncle Sam”, which is also waiting for payments. “The initial suspicion has already been affirmed and a preliminary investigation has been initiated,” said the entrepreneur. He also turned to the US tax authority IRS and switched on the local media.

Timo Berger: The former Wendler confidante now also turned to the US media, as he shows on Instagram. (Source: Instagram / Timo Berger)Timo Berger: The former Wendler confidante now also turned to the US media, as he shows on Instagram. (Source: Instagram / Timo Berger)

Will Michael Wendler be extradited from the USA?

Michael Wendler could not only threaten a lot of trouble in Germany, his dream of a carefree life in Florida could also burst. Since the last summons to the pop star has already been served by the US Department of Justice, “the German judges apparently know where he is and could therefore ask the United States for his extradition,” said attorney Sören Schomburg to t-online.

This, in turn, could have an impact on the singer’s residence permit in the United States. Michael Wendler has been in the country since 2017 thanks to a so-called Green Card, which enables him to live there permanently. After five years, in his case 2022, he can apply for American citizenship. However, if he is convicted in Germany, the previous conviction could thwart his plans and even mean that he is no longer allowed to travel to America.

For Timo Berger that would be a satisfaction that he is working on at full speed. He’s set out to bring down his former buddy later this year. “There are so many hot spots and I hope that some cauldron that I lit will blow up,” said the entrepreneur. He is certain: “Michael Wendler will soon be all over his head.”