Microsoft Edge gives you a taste of its new design

Microsoft Edge is slowly preparing to change its design to align with that of Windows 11. In the Canary version of the browser, a feature under test provides a first glimpse of the transformations.

Microsoft Edge Windows 11

Microsoft Edge sur Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Microsoft officially presented Windows 11. However, the firm continues to refine this new version whose stable version will be launched at the end of the year. So, for now, you need to install the Insider beta to take advantage of Windows 11. However, there are a few changes to Edge that are worth a look and you don’t have to do much to take advantage of them.

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Indeed, the Microsoft Edge browser offers to discover its new design thought for Windows 11. More precisely, it is Edge Canary, the experimental version of the service, which allows to discover the small aesthetic redesign; even if you are on Windows 10.

Timid changes for the hour

Indeed, as noted by a reputable Internet user on Reddit, Leopeva64-2, a flag called “Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates” exists on Microsoft Edge Canary. Once activated, this feature in the test phase allows you to have a little taste of the new design that is being prepared on the browser of the Redmond firm.

Be careful, at the moment, the changes are very minimal. For example, there is not the translucent look that can be seen here and there on official images from Microsoft. For now, it will be necessary to settle for much less, even if the company itself invites users to discover the novelties.

Heads up #WindowsInsiders, those of you running Microsoft Edge Canary can preview Edge’s new visual design on Windows 11 by enabling the “Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates” flag under edge://flags! Give feedback!

— Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) July 9, 2021

Indeed, the most important difference that can be observed at the moment is that the text of the menus has grown to be more readable. However, at the same time, the rectangular blocks of the menus are shorter (but wider), because there are fewer empty areas.

Leopeva64-2 thus shares some screenshots to highlight these small differences that he has seen.

There is no doubt that the design changes will be more significant in the weeks and months to come.

How to activate the new design of Microsoft Edge Canary

To activate the new browser design on Microsoft Edge Canary, you must first download the software from the official website. Then, here is the procedure:

  • open Microsoft Edge Canary on your PC
  • type “edge: // flags” in the URL bar of the browser
  • look for it flag Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates
  • activate it.
Flag Microsoft Edge Canary

The Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates flag on Edge Canary // Source: Frandroid

You will then need to restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

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