Mike and Michelle Monballijn after the “Sommerhaus” drama: “Very overwhelming”

Mike and Michelle want to save their relationship after the “summer home of the stars”.

Image: rtl.de/screenshot

The “Summer House of the Stars” is making headlines again this year. In the current season, the focus is mainly on Mike Cees-Monballijn, who constantly attracts negative attention due to his dominant behavior. It is precisely this that is primarily directed against his own wife Michelle, to whom he gives orders or whose behavior he contemptuously comments.

After receiving death threats from viewers on the Internet, Mike publicly apologized to Michelle via Instagram and announced that he would be working on himself. Now the two reveal in an interview with RTL: You are doing couple therapy.

Michelle Monballijn talks about the time in the “summer house”

While Mike has spoken several times in social networks since the beginning of the “Summer House” season, it was comparatively quiet around Michelle. Both roommate Mola Adebisi and numerous Internet users had described the couple’s relationship as toxic, and some great concern was expressed about the 42-year-old. Several Instagram users advised her to part with Mike as soon as possible.

Michelle speaks out after that "Sommerhaus"-Elat about her husband.

Michelle speaks out after the “summer house” scandal about her husband.

Image: rtl.de

In an interview with RTL, she now takes a position herself and looks back on the time in the “summer house” with her husband with the following words:

“It was sometimes very overwhelming for me to endure that in some games.”

Despite everything, Michelle is ready to give Mike another chance. Couple therapy is supposed to save the love between them and in fact Mike is much more thoughtful and reserved in the conversation than in the show. For example, he says: “Michelle can explain it better, my choice of words is dangerous every time and is my undoing.”

Mike Cees-Monballijn’s fear of loss

The post also goes into Mike’s past: When he was 11 years old, his mother suddenly disappeared, today the relationship is miserable. This is precisely where couples therapist Ann-Marlene Henning sees the origin of Mike’s behavior towards his current partner: He is afraid of loss, which is why he does everything in his power to exercise control.

Indeed, Mike admits, “I have a problem with trusting. It just goes like that.” Henning also draws a conclusion for Michelle: You did not fight back in the “summer house” in order to protect yourself and to prevent certain situations from escalating further. Accordingly, she knows exactly in which direction there are problems with Mike.

So now it remains to be seen whether Michelle and Mike can save their relationship through therapy. In any case, the will seems to be present in both.