New corona quarantine rules in Berlin – This applies from Friday – BZ Berlin

In Berlin, simpler rules for the corona quarantine will apply from Friday. The Senate is now implementing the agreements made by the federal and state governments in the previous week, said Health Senator Ulrike Gote (Greens) on Thursday in the House of Representatives. “And that from tomorrow.”

At its meeting last Tuesday, the Senate had initially not yet converted the federal-state decision into state law and justified this by wanting to wait for a federal ordinance in the sense of a nationwide uniform procedure. This should finally be dealt with in the Federal Council on Friday.

After other federal states have implemented this more quickly, the new regulation in Berlin is now to apply from Friday. The Senate will adjust the state ordinance at its meeting next Tuesday, explained a spokeswoman for the health administration.

But it will apply from Friday. The health authorities have been informed.

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The new rules agreed by the federal and state governments basically aim to simplify and shorten the quarantine for contact persons and the isolation of infected people. The aim is also that hospitals and other facilities of the so-called critical infrastructure have enough staff despite the Omikron wave.

That applies then

► Contact persons for infected people no longer have to be in quarantine if they have a booster vaccination, have been vaccinated twice for less than three months, have been vaccinated and have recovered or have recovered for less than three months.

► For all other contact persons as well as for infected people quarantine or isolation should generally end after ten days. After seven days you can test yourself free with a PCR or antigen test. Employees in hospitals and nursing homes absolutely need a PCR test and must have been without symptoms for at least 48 hours.