New Home Secretary Nancy Faeser: “Nobody is forcibly vaccinated”

Germany Minister of the Interior Faeser

“Nobody is forcibly vaccinated”

Is compulsory vaccination even justified?

The introduction of a compulsory vaccination and its possible design is still controversial. Constitutional experts doubt whether it is justified at all with the milder courses of the Omikron variant.

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The new Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) emphasizes that the planned corona vaccination, which she supports, is not a mandatory vaccination, but a so-called vaccination certificate: “Nobody will be vaccinated forcibly.” And she threatens the Telegram messenger service with shutdown.

Band Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) is campaigning for a general vaccination requirement. “Since unfortunately all advertising and asking did not lead to a sufficiently high vaccination quota, we now need proof of vaccination”. This is necessary “in order to be well prepared for the next winter”, she told the “Zeit”.

For her, the decisive factor is “that we can protect the elderly and previously ill with vaccinations against a serious course of the disease and also help to prevent the disease from spreading so widely”. In the legal sense, it is not about a “compulsory vaccination”, so Faeser, but about a so-called vaccination certificate: “Nobody will be vaccinated.”

In order to enforce the compulsory vaccination, there will “have to be some form of sanction, perhaps fines,” says Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD)

Source: dpa / Michael Kappeler

When asked how the compulsory vaccination should be enforced, the 51-year-old replied: “There will have to be some form of sanction, perhaps fines. That would induce at least some of the unvaccinated citizens to get vaccinated. ”The German Bundestag must decide on the amount of the fines – although the fine should not be so low“ that one can buy oneself permanently ”.

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Faeser is also threatening to shut down the Telegram messenger service if the company continues to refuse to comply with German laws. “We cannot rule that out per se either. Switching off would be very serious and clearly the last resort. All other options must have been unsuccessful beforehand, ”she said.

It is obvious that the previous measures, including a warning letter from the Federal Ministry of Justice, have led to nothing. “To say, in the end, we switch off the service – that would be a sensitive evil for any provider,” says Faeser.

On Telegram, extremists have so far been able to spread hatred and forge attack plans without having to expect any intervention by the operator. Faeser: “I think it is one of the most important points to enforce the law here.”

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DIE WELT Photo shoot 2018 Author photo Christina Brause on June 28, 2018 Photo: Claudius Pflug

You are striving for a European solution to force Telegram to cooperate. “Today Telegram is in Dubai, tomorrow maybe in the Cayman Islands. We will need a lot of strength in enforcing the law. As a German nation-state, we cannot do it alone. ”She is talking about this with her European counterparts.

“We always have to see what happens if a service is switched off – and then the next provider comes”. Therefore she does not rule out a change in the law herself.

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