New year message. Marcelo wants “predictability” after legislative

Looking at the legislative elections on January 30th, the Head of State proposed that the electorate will have to “decide the Assembly of the Republic and the Government for the next four years, an Assembly of the Republic and a Government with renewed legitimacy”.

“An Assembly of the Republic that gives a voice to the pluralism of opinions and solutions, a Government that can also restore lost or weakened hopes and trusts, and guarantee predictability for people and for their life projects”, listed Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

In what was the fifth New Year’s message since he took office as president of the Republic, in 2016, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa dedicated a good part of his speech to the pandemic in the country, saying that it is necessary to “turn the page”.

New Year’s Message from the President of the Republic in full

“The year that ended promised to be an end and a new beginning, but it wasn’t. He sketched this beginning again, late and timidly. The year we are starting today has to turn the page, consolidating, deciding, reinventing, reconnecting. Let’s resume the journey together”, urged.
“Overcoming the pandemic”
Marcelo emphasized the need to “consolidate the path to overcoming the pandemic”, noting that the period between January and March will be the “crucial time” to close “a chapter of history”.

“We are on the way, but the end of the ends is missing. January to March will be the crucial time for winter to help close a chapter of our history, and convert worries and afflictions into hopes and confidences.”.

Also according to the president, the country will have to review “the lives frozen, postponed, slaughtered by the pandemic”, from the outset through European funds, “which are unrepeatable” and must be implemented “with transparency, rigor, competence and effectiveness, fighting corruptions and illicit favoritism”.
five ideas
There were five expressions that shaped the president’s speech: “consolidate, decide, reinvent, reconnect, turn the page”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also called for solidarity to be rediscovered and care for “those most sacrificed by the pandemic, unemployment, insolvency and the cessation of life”, namely “the elderly, the sickest, the disabled, the helpless in the school, in the search for a profession or a home, in integration in a different society”.

“In particular, looking at children, whose future has been forgotten by the priority given to so-called risk groups. They and they, all those who live on the sunless sidewalk of the street of our common life, will take much longer to learn to relive after what they suffered”.

In a balance of 2021, Marcelo said that the first six months “were, here and abroad, harder than in 2020, with a pandemic, economic halt, social crisis, decompensation of people and wear and tear on institutions”.

“We resisted, we contained, we vaccinated, we reopened on-site schools, we started the economy, we exported, we received tourists again, we tried to start again”, he emphasized.
“Recover lost time”
The president of the Republic stressed that the covid-19 pandemic “stubbornly persisted at the end of the year”. And I wanted to underline that the growth of infections forces the country, “serenely but stubbornly, to test, vaccinate, resist” and “learn to live” with the coronavirus: “With the patience of someone who has lived almost 900 years. He’s already lost, he’s regained his independence, he’s had a thousand crises, he’s overcome them as best he can and he knew how. But this time, there’s a lot more to do to make up for lost time”.

Marcelo stated that “2022 really has to be a new year, new life, in a world with less pandemic, more growth, less poverty, more commitment to climate challenges”.

“Less selfishness of peoples and States, more attention to the immediate cost of life, energy and basic goods, in a Europe with more convergence, less waiting, more reconstruction, less inequalities, more focus on youth, less loneliness for those who are no longer young , especially in rapidly aging countries”, completed.

Lastly, the president wished a good year for all the Portuguese “and especially for the Armed Forces, the security forces and civilians” who find themselves in “mandates that honor” the name of Portugal “in the five continents” .

“I am present more than ever, I count on you more than ever. Good 2022 for our Portugal, for each and every one of you, who deserve it well”, he concluded.