Nintendo Switch: this ideal gift may be in short supply at Christmas

Good plan news Nintendo Switch: this ideal gift may be in short supply at Christmas


The Nintendo Switch is now available in 3 versions: the basic Switch, the Switch Lite and the all new Switch model OLED. On top of these 3 models, we must also add the collector versions of the console. Among these variations, there is one particularly popular: the Switch Lite Animal Crossing.

Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing New Horizons Bundle Discount on Amazon

Years go by and the Nintendo Switch continues to sell like hot cakes. With huge “console sellers” titles like the next Pokémon games arriving at the end of the year, it would not be very risky to bet on the continuity of this success.

Unfortunately for big N, a major obstacle is likely to arise in their way. Who ? Quite simply, a risk of shortage. The tech world has been in the throes of the market for years, and the situation does not look set to calm down. Most experts speak of the start of thinning by 2023.

We therefore advise you not to delay too long to do your Christmas shopping. If you do it during or after Black Friday, it might already be too late. With this in mind, today we present you a very nice potential Christmas present: the pack containing a Nintendo Switch Lite Collector (Turquoise color) + Animal Crossing: New Horizons game + 3 months subscription au Nintendo Switch Online. At the moment, Amazon offers it at 234.99 € instead of 249.99 €.

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing for 234 € on Amazon

ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS: already a Nintendo Switch classic

Do we really have to present Animal Crossing: New Horizons? If the exclusive license to Nintendo was already very popular, this latest episode simply broke records and is now recognized as one of the best selling titles of the generation, no more no less.

A very, very dense community has therefore already been able to travel through the adorable landscapes of this connected world, sharing great moments with players from around the world. As a reminder, it is a game halfway between management and survival where we play an assistant to Tom Nook, having to move to an island to attract inhabitants. Here is what our editorial staff thought:

The opinion of


Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes at the right time to offer us a change of scenery by proxy. There is no doubt that this is a good investment to occupy the long weeks to come. The multitude of things to do (and still to discover!), The objective system and the possibility of modifying every corner of its island should excite the faithful and perhaps convince others sensitive to crafting. To summarize as briefly as possible, the series has evolved without betraying the spirit of the previous sections: to have peaceful days and do what we please, without pressure. Possibly, New Horizons is the breath of fresh air we needed.

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing for 234 € on Amazon

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