of unions denounce the provisions of the anti-Covid bill

“Enormous slippage”, “infringement of the freedom to work”… several trade unions denounced Friday, July 23 the provisions of the anti-Covid-19 bill which opens the way to possible dismissals for people who do not have a health pass.

The text, adopted at first reading by the National Assembly on Friday morning, and which must now be examined in the Senate, provides for employees and public officials who find themselves without a health pass in positions where it will become mandatory a procedure of suspension of the employment contract without remuneration. This will end when the employee produces “The required supporting documents”. The employee can take days off or RTT, or even see with the employer if he can be temporarily assigned to another position.

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The text adds that “The fact that an employee can no longer exercise his activity for a cumulative period of more than the equivalent of two months of working days due to non-compliance with the obligation to present the supporting documents, certificates and results required may be a specific reason constituting a real and serious cause for dismissal ‘. The system is similar for employees subject to compulsory vaccination.

In a press release, the CFE-CGC on Friday denounced a “Skidding”. “It is transgressive, dangerous and worrying to see for the first time a reason for dismissal at the expense of the employee for a reason relating to his private life”, writes the union, urging the government to “Come to your senses”.

Labor force also disputes that “The policy implemented to accelerate and extend vaccination or to ensure the required protections, necessary in the face of the occurrence of the Delta variant, is based on the threat of sanctions going up to the dismissal of employees”.

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Olivier Véran “thinks that it will not happen”

On Wednesday, the CGT also ruled in a press release that “The target to fight must be the virus, not the employees”, denouncing a text “Which would infringe their freedom to work”. “We call on parliamentarians to measure all the social consequences that this law, if it were passed, would have, almost exclusively, on employees by imposing sanctions. Sanctions which could go as far as the suspension of their remuneration, or even their dismissal “, had written the union.

In front of the deputies, Thursday, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, on the contrary said he was confident: “I’ll tell you my belief, I think it won’t happen.” Given the number of vaccinations we have recorded in recent days, the health pass will be respected by all employees in this country. “

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“It is up to the employer to ensure that its employees are in compliance with the law. He will have to check the validity of their pass every day, except for employees who will provide him, on a voluntary basis, with a vaccination certificate ”, specified the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, in an interview with West France.

“Anyway, we want there to be a systematic meeting between the employer and the employee to discuss how to regularize a maximum of situations upstream”, she insisted, also announcing the creation of“An authorization of absence during working time to allow employees to be vaccinated, without loss of salary”.

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