OM: the Super League, the owner states, his refusal to sell … McCourt without filter – football

Discreet in the media, Frank McCourt very often has split positions. The owner of Olympique de Marseille, who said he was against a Super League, spoke of the economic imbalance caused by the presence of states at the head of some European clubs.

McCourt denounced the ownership states.

Frank McCourt speaks too infrequently. But when this is the case, the owner of Olympique de Marseille never slips his words. In an interview with France 24 agreement, the American real estate developer posed as a defender of more popular football.

McCourt denounces the Super League … and the owner states

It is in this sense that the Bostonian said he was against the establishment of a Super League. This sport is part of the culture, of the everyday life of people. It is the fans who wear the sport. I am not against the influx of money into sports. I have invested a lot in OM. But sport is about the fans and the athletes. These are not the check books. This is why I opposed the Super League. A few individuals have tried to control the whole ecosystem , denounced the businessman.

The former boss of the Los Angeles Dodgers has notably pointed the finger at the role of the owner states of European football clubs. With my wife, we are not close to a state (Qatar). It is important, however, that there is some level of fair competition. America is considered a very capitalist state, but in sports leagues we try to have fair competition, while in Europe which is seen as a more social form of capitalism, football is far from it. -west! Reforms are needed , a prconis McCourt.

OM is not selling

The 68-year-old man also made a point of recalling his attachment to the Marseille formation, which he does not intend to give up despite persistent rumors. I like OM. We’re building a club that can really win. Our goal is to be on the podium at the end of the season to play in the Champions League. These are rumors, pure information circulating on social networks, the club is not selling! , a Martel McCourt. Marseille supporters therefore know what to expect. One more time.

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