Ómicron will ‘find almost everyone’, warns Anthony Fauci

“Ómicron, with its extraordinary and unprecedented degree of transmission efficiency, will eventually find almost everyone”, Fauci told J. Stephen Morrison, vice president of the Center for International Strategic Studies.

“Those who were vaccinated and received a booster dose will be exposed. Some, perhaps many, will become infected, but most likely despite a few exceptions, they will do reasonably well in the sense that they do not need to be hospitalized or die.”.

In contrast, those who have not been vaccinated “will bear the brunt of the severe side of the disease”, he added.

US United States, one in five citizens who could receive the vaccine is not vaccinated against covid-19. There are 65 million people. The country has 62% of vaccinations completed and 23% have already had a booster dose, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The United States recorded an average of more than 754,200 new Covid-19 cases a day last week, according to data from John Hopkins University. That is about three times the peak average of last winter (251,987 on Jan 11, 2021) and 4.5 times the peak of the Delta-driven wave (166,347 on Sept 1), according to John Hopkins University. .

The country averaged 1,646 Covid-19 deaths per day last week – 33% more than a week ago.. The peak average was 3,402 daily on January 13, 2021, JHU data shows, cited by CNN.

Ómicron will already be responsible for 98.3% of the cases of covid-19 in the last week in the USA.

The American expert’s analysis answered the question of whether the pandemic was entering a new phase. Fauci considered that this will happen when there is enough protection in the community and medicines to treat severe cases. “We may be on the brink of this happening”, he admitted.

Yesterday, WHO experts came to say that they fear an increase in hospitalizations in unvaccinated populations and warned that the new coronavirus is still far from becoming endemic.

Also yesterday, the FDA, the US drug agency, through Janet Woodcock, also came to admit that most of the population will catch the virus. and that the focus should now be on keeping hospitals, but also essential services in the community running.

“I find it difficult to process what is really happening right now, which is: most people are going to get covid,” Woodcock said at a hearing on the Senate Health Committee. “What we need to do is ensure that hospitals are still functioning, transport and other essential services are not interrupted while this happens.”

The number of hospitalizations of people with covid-19 in the United States recorded a record on Tuesday, leading many states to consider new measures to overcome the situation. There were 145,900 people hospitalized on Tuesday. The previous high was 142,246 as of January 2021. A number that doubles the number of hospitalized in two weeks.

States such as Virginia have already declared a state of emergency due to the number of patients admitted to intensive care. In Texas, it has already been necessary to hire another 2700 hospital workers. Kentucky mobilized the National Guard to help medical centers. New Jersey declares public health emergency again.

“It’s time for everyone to collaborate and do what we know works. Wear a mask indoors. Avoid crowds. Get your vaccine and, if eligible, be reinforced. This is how we’re going to get through this outbreak without putting more lives at risk.” , said Delaware Governor John Carney.

The high number of infections is having an effect on the day-to-day economy. In areas where face-to-face teaching resumed after the Christmas holidays, the recovery time of infected people had an impact on essential school services. There are situations where a quarter of the employees who collect garbage from the streets are infected. Airlines have already had to cancel hundreds of flights over the weekend due to Covid-19 casualties that add to winter storms. Public transport in many cities has significant delays due to staff shortages.