One million euros with false loans

Watch out for scams on Facebook! Alerts have been many, but even so the “digital crimes” have increased. The GNR recently dismantled a scheme that has deceived hundreds of victims and whose financial income is around one million euros.

The investigation began following an allegation of fraud in granting personal loans through social networks, which took place in December 2020.

Facebook platform used to “reach” victims…

The GNR dismantled a group that was dedicated to a scam on the internet, on Facebook, in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, Faro and Azores, with which it achieved financial income of around one million euros.

The GNR reveals in a statement that it identified three men, aged between 30 and 40 years, and a woman, aged 60 years. The investigation "allowed it to be established that the group's mode of action consisted of an initial approach, through Facebook, with the alleged interested parties, requesting several transfers for payment of commissions and opening of process", adds the GNR, stressing that the victims “made the transfers, but never saw the supposed loan credited to their account.”.

Fraud on Facebook: One Million Euros with Fake Loans

The GNR also reveals that…

With this scheme, it is estimated that the suspects have obtained a considerable financial gain, having been deceived hundreds of victims. The analysis of the evidence obtained and what has been found so far in the investigation allows for advancing that this group has obtained financial income in excess of one million euros

The operation included the reinforcement of the criminal investigation structure of the Territorial Command of Braga, the Territorial Commands of Lisbon and Azores and with the collaboration of the Public Security Police (PSP).

The searches culminated in the seizure of various evidence material, from bank documentation to handwritten documents with proof of receipt and deposits of monetary values ​​from different sources.