Patrice Evra revealed that she suffered sexual abuse as a teenager

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Although during his time as a footballer Patrice Evra enjoyed fame and success, the former French player shook the world by revealing that during his adolescence was a victim of sexual abuse by a teacher, so he told in an interview with the British newspaper The Times.

“When classes were over and I had to sleep there, I had a knot in my stomach. After several months, the professor began to tire of everything. I was a fighter and I did not give in, “said the former France national, who explained that the teacher tried to touch him when he went to sleep.

“I am not ashamed when I acknowledge that I felt like a coward for many years not to mention the subject. It was something that squeezed my chest. But I am not doing this (talking about it) for myself, but for the children. I don’t want anyone to feel ashamed for experiencing something like this, “he added.

Likewise, Evra explained that it was recently when she decided to tell her mother what she had suffered when she was 13 years old.

“Obviously my mother was very shocked. A mother does not expect to hear such things from her own child. I have only told him now, that I am 40 years old. It was a big shock for her, which got very angry. It was a difficult time for me, “he shared.

The former player regretted not having told what he experienced when the police were investigating the teacher, as he had several complaints. “When he played for Monaco, the police called me. Some children had complained about this man and the police wanted to know if he had tried to do something to me. How he was famous and I was scared of the reaction, I lied and I said no, “he shared.

Support for victims

Patrice Evra He took advantage of his courage to make a call for all children and adolescents who suffer from some abuse to be encouraged to speak up and to be helped. “If you are a child, you read this and they are abusing you, do not be afraid: tell. Don’t be ashamed because There is no shame. Deal with the situation by talking about what is happening, ”he mentioned.