People who eat this type of food have a lower risk of Covid-19

Dand according to a new study cited by the journal Galileo, eating a healthy vegetable-based diet is synonymous with a lower risk of infection with the new coronavirus and, among those who have already become ill with Covid, a lower risk of experiencing severe symptoms .

“Our findings are a call to governments and stakeholders to prioritize healthy diets and well-being with impactful policies, otherwise we risk missing out on decades of economic progress and a substantial increase in health disparities,” said Jordi Merino , investigator in the Diabetes Unit and Genomic Medicine Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and study author.

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The scientific work, cited by the journal Galileo, analyzed data from 592,571 individuals living in the United Kingdom and the United States, recruited from March 24, 2020 and followed up until December 2 of that year.

For the purposes of that survey, participants filled out a questionnaire about their pre-pandemic eating habits and meanwhile their diet was assessed using an index that used a healthy plant-based diet as a basis – in which fruits and vegetables stand out.

According to Galileo magazine during follow-up, 31,831 volunteers suffered from Covid-19. Participants in the highest quadrant of the diet score had a 9% lower risk of having the disease and a 41% lower chance of developing severe Covid-19 compared to those in the lowest quadrant of the diet score.

Indices that remained consistent across multiple analyzes that took into account other healthy behaviors, social determinants of health, and virus transmission rates.

Additionally, the researchers found that `the beneficial effects of the type of diet in relation to the possibility of contracting Covid are especially notorious in individuals who live in environments of high socioeconomic deprivation.

Merino shared: “Our models estimate that nearly a third of Covid-19 cases would have been avoided if one of the two exposures – diet or deprivation – were not present.”

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