Pierre Ménès saw a mini Messi and a quack against FC Nantes, the sanction will fall

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PSG is reassured. Before a perilous trip to Manchester City on Wednesday in the Champions League (9 p.m.), Mauricio Pochettino’s men dominated FC Nantes at the Parc des Princes after having played outnumbered (3-1).

“Honestly, that PSG beat Nantes 3-1 seems like a perfectly logical score to me. What is less is the course of the match, analyzed Pierre Ménès on his blog. Did Paris start to think about City in the second half? We could tell that they were all a little obsessed with the fact that Messi scored his first league goal but we have to admit that, if this team does not have a crazy talent in its collective expression, it has a hell of a character (.. .) Messi, who I found very hollow physically except during the last quarter of an hour when he appeared to be resuscitated, gave PSG a decisive advantage by scoring a ‘Messi-like’ goal. “

In addition, the columnist witnessed a huge quack during the meeting … straight from the stands. “A final word to greet the beautiful celebration of Virage Auteuil for its 30 years,” he recalled. So, I think that at the kick-off, the smoke bombs were authorized but I’m afraid that they would have exceeded the authorization a little afterwards because at one point, we could not see anything anymore and that was it. even inconvenient in the gallery – where I was. According to L’Équipe, sanctions should soon fall against PSG supporters.

to summarize

If Pierre Ménès attended a rather coherent match of PSG on Saturday against FC Nantes (3-1), especially in the first half, a big quack spoiled his view at the Parc des Princes. Not to mention a Lionel Messi still in break-in.