Polar cold, rain and snow invade mainland Portugal this week

Alfredo Grace 7 min
cold; drop in temperatures; rain; snow
This week the winter weather imposes itself in our country, causing the thermometers to register negative minimum values ​​in several locations in the interior North and Center. Snowfall is also expected in some places.

Finally, it seems that the forecasts that were drawing up a few days ago will be fulfilled. drastic weather change in the Iberian Peninsula, in the form of a detachable drop in temperatures, rain and even snow. On the final stretch of the meteorological autumn, we are at the door of a winter episode, which, it seems, will affect Spain above all. And around here, what will happen?

Isolated high-altitude depression came today from northern Spain

Today an isolated high-altitude depression has emerged over the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Most of the associated rainfall is falling into Spanish territory, so we will only have a few low intensity showers in the interior of the North and Center regions of mainland Portugal.

Temperatures will plummet, especially in the interior of the country, where you will already feel the polar air associated with the isolated depression at altitude. It’s time to reinforce the clothes with warm clothes and light the fireplace! The scarce rainfall, combined with the intense cold, will lead to a probable snowfall above 900/1000 meters of altitude, although with very little accumulation and duration.

may occur in the mountains of the interior North and Center, in the districts of Vila Real and Bragança, this scenario not being discarded for the districts of Guarda and Castelo Branco. Also pay attention to ice formation, dangerous for driving vehicles.

This Tuesday, the meteorological panorama will be similar, with occasional and irregular showers through the regions of Trás-os-Montes and Beira Alta, verifying, in general, a small drop in the highs on thermometers. During the whole week the wind will blow moderate, sometimes strong, from the North quadrant, accentuating the thermal sensation of cold. In addition, a sharp night cooling is greater daily thermal amplitude.

Rain is not expected for Wednesday, but the intense cold remains, especially in the interior of the country, intensified by the North wind and the effect of continentality. Medium to high cloudiness is anticipated, in a journey in which the minima will go down to -1 °C in the district capital of Guarda, bordering 0 ºC in that of Bragança. The predicted maximum values ​​should register values ​​between 7 ºC and 9 ºC in these two locations.

A depression goes away, but soon another one will come.

On Wednesday, with the depression long gone and lurking in the Mediterranean, we might think we would be free of instability, but, from Thursday, the 25th, another isolated depression in altitude arrives., coming from the Northwest and crossing the entire country, keeping the flow from the North.

Then yes, not only is a slightly more significant amount of precipitation in much of the country, as the cold will be even more pronounced with this new polar air incursion gaining considerable ground in our geography. The maximum forecast is 11 ºC for Porto, 12 ºC in Aveiro and Coimbra, 13 ºC in Lisbon, 8 ºC in Viseu and Portalegre, 10 ºC in Bragança, 5 ºC in Guarda and 15 ºC in Faro. Furthermore, snowfall is most likely on that date, from 900/1000 meters of altitude.

According to our trust model (ECMWF), the situation should stabilize over the weekend, although with some showers foreseen for the North Region, probably on Saturday, and with a thermal ‘up and down’, very variable.

Azores and Madeira with strong wind and rain

A Madeira it will register a very variable weather throughout the week, with cloudy periods, sun and light rain. However, the panorama could worsen between Friday and Sunday, with strong northeast wind and some rain due to the possible formation of a depression around the Canary Islands. The ‘remnants’ of this storm would reach Madeira.

Madeira will have a quiet week until the arrival of rain and strong wind, traces of a possible depression that will form around the Canaries. Azores still recovering from a strong storm will see the weather stabilize throughout the week.

As for the Azores, after this very complicated start to the week due to a storm whose frontal system generated heavy rains, very intense winds and caused floods and landslides, instability is expected to decrease until Wednesday. The outlook is expected to be relatively stable between Thursday and Sunday, with only the powerful eastward flow remaining, even with periods of cloudy or very cloudy skies in most islands and occasional showers.