Pope Francis leaves hospital after his operation

Pope Francis left the hospital in Rome at the end of the morning, Wednesday July 14, where he was recovering after having had a colon operation on July 4. The 84-year-old sovereign pontiff left, in a car with tinted windows, the Gemelli University Hospital, where he had been operated on under general anesthesia for a “left colectomy” (surgical procedure consisting in removing part of the colon. ).

On Tuesday, the pope’s spokesman had let it be known that Francis would return ” as soon as possible “ in the Vatican, without however specifying a date. The Holy See then evoked “About a week” hospitalization, “Except complications”. He had released photos of the Pope walking on foot in a section of the hospital dedicated to sick children on Tuesday evening.

The Pope suffered from a potentially painful inflammation of the diverticula, hernias or bags that form on the walls of the digestive system and the frequency of which increases with age. One of the possible complications of this condition is stenosis, which is a narrowing of the intestine. The Vatican had let it be known that the operation had proceeded normally.

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Next visit to Slovakia

Pope Francis is not in his first operation, but it is the first of his pontificate. Born December 17, 1936 in Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had the upper lobe of his right lung removed at the age of 21 due to pleurisy. He also suffers from hip problems and sciatica.

On Sunday July 4, he celebrated the traditional Sunday prayer at the window of the Sainte-Marthe residence for the faithful gathered on Saint-Pierre Square. He seemed in good shape and excited to announce a state visit to Slovakia from September 12 to 15, his second overseas trip in 2021, after one to Iraq in March.

In recent years he has had to cancel a few appearances and sometimes walks with difficulty. During the pandemic, which hit Italy hard in February 2020, he appeared to have little concern for his own health, often traveling without a mask. Other than a cold that forced him to cancel appointments at the very start of the epidemic, his health did not give rise to any particular concern.

Francis was elected in 2013 to succeed Benedict XVI, who had renounced his pontificate, eight years after his accession, in February of the same year. The first pope to resign in nearly six hundred years, the German sovereign pontiff had invoked health reasons. Now 94 years old, he lives as a recluse in a Vatican City monastery. He has appeared more and more fragile in recent months, moving in a wheelchair, speaking with difficulty.

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