Porto 🆚 Benfica | Eagle dances again under the dragon’s fire

Vgo to the record and play (almost) the same. The second derby at Dragão, between Porto and Benfica, in the space of a week fell back to FC Porto, this time by 3-1. The “reds” came up with a different face, in a new system and even promised to dominate at times, but the “blues-and-whites” always controlled the operations, scoring twice and in a burst, before the break (by Fábio Vieira and Pepê), and despite conceding a goal at the start of the second half, ended up taking advantage of André Almeida’s expulsion to “kill” the game, by Mehdi Taremi, finally back in the goals. Benfica is now seven points behind Porto and Sporting, close to the turnaround.

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“Dragon” always quiet

Very lively first part and history almost repeating itself in relation to the Portuguese Cup game. This time Benfica came in better than in the other match, with more ball and postponed the white and blue goal, but the mistakes were the same, despite the changes, including tactics, with the option for the 4-4-2. Porto, in 4-3-3, went back to betting on balls to the back of the Benfica defense and in diagonal movements, and they almost always managed to deceive the “eagles”.

Pepê still scored, a move disallowed for offside. Yaremchuk, isolated, failed before Diogo Costa, but in response, Fábio Vieira (34′), one of the new players, entered the area and shot counting. At 37, another novelty was Pepe’s head, after a cross by Otávio. All easy The Brazilian ex-Grémio, who was Everton’s substitute in Porto Alegre, was the best at the break, common GoalPoint Rating from 7.0, with a goal and a blatant occasion created and wasted by Taremi (0.6 Expected Assists).

The second part started practically with the Benfica’s goal, by Yaremchuk, easily finished after Rafa’s pass. But Benfica’s hopes suffered another setback at 49, with the André Almeida’s expulsion for double yellow. At 60, Manafa was injured (in the first part, João Mário, FC Porto’s full-back, had already left to join Manafá) and Sérgio Conceição launched Jesús Corona. Gonçalo Ramos came close to a draw in the 63rd minute, but Zaidu avoided, with Diogo Costa beaten.

But Porto have this, when opportunities arise, they don’t miss it and, on 69 minutes, Taremi appeared in Vlachodimos’ face and fired to count. The 3-1 sorted out practically with the winner’s accounts, since Benfica, with ten, had lost much of the little control they had over the game, and the departures of João Mário and Rafa took even more foresight to the team. Porto, that one, saw Otávio fail in a scandalous way in the 4-1, but goes into the new year with a smile.

[ Vitinha foi novamente o “ponto nevrálgico” do futebol portista ]

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O MVP GoalPoint👑

What a player! Vitinha Ferreira was the best on the field in the Cup game and was once again in the “classic” of the League. The midfielder is everywhere, defending, organizing, with a perfect positioning and an intelligence that allows him to have quality in everything he does.. Your GoalPoint Rating from 7.5 awards an assistance, two flagrant occasions created in three passes for submission, 64 right passes (maximum game, corresponding to 96% effective), the maximum number of ball actions (84) and possession recoveries (9), and still four disarmament it’s three intercepts. Amazing.

Other Ratings 🔺🔻

Porto Highlights

Zaidu 7.4 – Another repeater, he had already shone in the last classic for the Cup. The Nigerian full-back was giant in this “classic”, with a handful of prominent defensive moments. At the front, he made two passes for finishing, completed two of three dribbling attempts, and also made eight recoveries of possession and 11 defensive actions, with emphasis on three tackles, five interceptions (maximum) and a decisive cut that avoided a draw.

Fabio Vieira 7.1 – A devil on the loose. The midfielder scored the first goal of the night and spread class, with maximum shots (4) and squares (2), and five dribbling attempts, two successfully.

otavio 6.4 – Everyone will remember that incredible failure when the curtain fell, shooting to the side with only Vlachodimos in front of them. That waste greatly affected Otávio’s score, but the truth is that the winger did very well throughout the game, ending with an assist, two effective crosses in three, as well as maximum defensive actions in the opposite midfield (4) and trips (6).

Diogo Costa 6.4 – The quality of the white and blue keeper’s performance was highlighted in the 33rd minute, when he went out of goal to avoid a goal by Yaremchuk, just before Vlachodimos, on the other side, was unable to do the same against Fábio Vieira. Diogo ended up with three saves, two with shots in his penalty area.

Pepe 6.4 – The Brazilian had been a contract with little success, but in this match he started and played a great game. He scored two goals, one disallowed, which he counted with a nice blow to the head, made four shots, created a flagrant opportunity and added six actions with the ball in the Benfica area, maximum of the game.

Uribe 6.4 – Fundamental to stealing the ball and launching quick counterattacks, the Colombian regained possession seven times, made five tackles and four interceptions.

Mbemba 6.3 – The central was very attentive. Right on the pass, with nine long passes right out of 11, he won two of four defensive aerial duels and made two shot blocks.

Taremi 5.8 – The Iranian finally returned to the goals, scoring the third for Porto, but not before wasting, in the first half, a flagrant act worth 0.6 Expected Goals. For that reason it doesn’t have a higher grade.

Fabio Cardoso 5.6 – It didn’t shine, it didn’t complicate, standing out with four reliefs.

Benfica Highlights

Weigl 6.1 – The best of the “eagles” in Dragão, as it happened, curiously, in the Cup game, and with the same rating. In 47 passes, he missed just two (96%), regained possession of the ball six times and made three tackles. It wasn’t for him that Benfica lost.

Yaremchuk 6.0 – The Ukrainian scored the goal for Benfica, but wasted a flagrant one in the first half. Finished with three shots, two squared.

Gonçalo Ramos 6.0 – Positive game by the young forward, who came close to scoring in the second half, but Zaidu didn’t let him. He also made a pass for submission and completed two of three dribbling attempts.

Rafa Silva 5.9 – Well in the first half to appear between the lines, he did not always define well, with the exception of the move in which he made another assist (the 13th of the season in the League), for Yaremchuk’s goal. He made four passes for submission, the maximum in the game, created two flagrant occasions and added six actions with the ball in the opposite area.

Vlachodimos 5.7 – We return to Diogo Costa. The white and blue defended a move similar to what the Greek was unable to stop in 1-0. Conceding two goals with the ball passing between the legs is not good for anyone. Still the Benfica player made three saves.

Vertonghen 5.6 – Right on the pass – eight longs right out of 11, four super close – the Belgian won all four defensive aerial duels and made two shot blocks.