“Portuguese people carry suitcases with money.” Navalny accuses Portugal of accepting bribes for the naturalization of Abramovich

Alexei Navalny accuses Portugal of taking bribes to make Roman Abramovich a Portuguese citizen. Chelsea’s Russian oligarch was naturalized under the Nationality Act as a Sephardic Jew last April.

The critical revelation of Vladimir Puin’s political opponent, who is serving a two-and-a-half-year prison term east of Moscow, was made on Twitter in mid-December. Alexei Navalny does not spare accusations against Portugal for having granted naturalization to his compatriot, arguing that Abramovich saw his Sephardic ancestry proven by the Sephardic Certification Commission of the Portuguese Jewish community, “of which he has been a partner in recent years”.

According to Público, this certification was essential for the process, which was entered at the Central Registry Office, in Lisbon, and at the Ministry of Justice, on October 16, 2020, and concluded on April 30th.

According to Navalny, Abramovich is “the closest oligarch to Putin and one of his wallets.” “Finally [Abramovich] he managed to find a country where he can pay some bribes and make some semi-official and official payments to end up in the European Union and NATO”, wrote the Kremlin critic in a post on the social network Twitter.

Navalny also points out that Abramovich bought a Boeing 787 plane worth 350 million dollars as a New Year’s gift for himself. “Putin and Abramovich steal from the budget [da Rússia] and they invest money in the West”, he claims.

“The West is frightened by Putin’s attack on Ukraine, but gives citizenship to its trusted oligarch”, criticizes the Russian opponent, who stresses that “Portuguese officials carry suitcases with money”.

Navalny, a victim of poisoning in August 2020, also points the finger at television presenters who praise Putin for his fight against NATO, “in a perfect cycle of hypocrisy and corruption”.

“And only the sad citizen of Russia, who paid for all this, remains in the store and assesses whether he has enough money to buy a bottle of vodka and three tangerines for the New Year”, commented Navalny, cited by Público.