Presenter Marcus Lamb, Anti-Vaccination, Dies From Covid-19

UAn American Catholic presenter, who refused to be vaccinated, died of Covid-19. Marcus Lamb, who founded the Daystar Television Network, has repeatedly suggested that people should focus more on prayer than on vaccines, which is – in his opinion – the way to cure the disease caused by the new coronavirus, the New reported. York Times.

Lamb was a Christian speaker from Dallas who rejected Covid-19 vaccines. According to the family and the channel where he worked, he died on Tuesday after contracting the disease. Allegedly, he was infected by his wife, Joni Lamb.

The American was 64 years old and often did programs on his Christian television channel in which he asked people to pray instead of being vaccinated.

He was rushed to hospital when his oxygen levels dropped after being infected with SARS-CoV-2.

His death was confirmed by his wife and son Jonathan Lamb yesterday on ‘Ministry Now’, the show the couple hosted together.

“I’m speechless today,” said Jonathan Lamb, on Twitter this morning. “My dad was taken to heaven at 4 am today.”

The Catholic channel Daystar often spoke about how bad the Covid-19 vaccines are. And as seen by the channel, the best way to fight the disease is to pray.

On the November 18 show, Joni Lamb had said that her husband had contracted the virus after her. The presenter had diabetes, which worsened his symptoms, he also reported at the time.

Last month, Jonathan Lamb (the son) had said on a show that his father’s fight against the disease was the result of “a spiritual attack from the enemy.”

Marcus Lamb last appeared on ‘Ministry Now’ on November 3rd and coughed several times during the program’s broadcast, which lasted about an hour.

Daystar is currently pursuing legal action against US vaccination orders. Last month, the channel petitioned the US Court of Appeals to “override” the federal mandate that companies with 100 or more employees must demand Covid-19 vaccines. The court suspended this action.

Marcus Daron Lamb was born on October 7, 1957, in Cordele, Georgia. He was a bishop of their religion ‘Church of God’ (‘Church of God’ in free translation). In addition to his wife and son, survivors of this Covid-19 family include the couple’s two other daughters, Rachel Lamb Brown and Rebecca Lamb Weiss.

The Daystar channel did not fail to mark the departure of its founding member having thanked the prayers and support of Marcus Lamb fans. They also asked viewers to follow the funeral ceremonies.

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