President Duterte intends to defend himself against the International Criminal Court

The President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, said in a pre-recorded speech broadcast on the evening of Monday, October 4, that he “Will prepare[t] his defense “ facing the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is investigating its government’s deadly drug fight.

In September, the ICC judges had in fact authorized an investigation into the war waged against drug trafficking in Manila; it resulted, on the ground, by thousands of murders committed by the police and which could constitute, according to the magistrates of the court of The Hague (Netherlands), crimes against humanity.

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“Stick to the facts because there are documents. I’m not threatening you, just don’t fool me about the evidence ”, said Rodrigo Duterte in his speech, broadcast two days after he announced his retirement from politics after the presidential election.

An outrageous security campaign

The Philippine president has repeatedly asserted that the ICC – charged with judging war crimes and against humanity – has no authority and that he will not cooperate with what he called an investigation “Illegal”.

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The Philippines withdrew from the ICC in 2019, but the latter ensures that it remains competent for crimes committed while the country was still a member.

Rodrigo Duterte was elected in 2016 after an election campaign in which he promised to eradicate drug trafficking by killing tens of thousands of delinquents, sparking outrage from the international community.

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