Problems with AMD Ryzen on Windows 11? Install the new update

The problem Windows 11 has with AMD Ryzen processors is well known. These see their income decreased, this slowdown being noticeable and somehow limiting for users.

Both AMD and Microsoft had pledged to resolve this issue, with even a patch being tested on Insiders. Now this fix was taken as a steady state and can already be downloaded and installed.

The adventure of using Windows 11 for AMD Ryzen processor users didn't get off to a good start. These quickly detect the problem that was taking away this essential computer component.

Microsoft tried to solve the problem, but ended up creating new ones, which slowed down this processor even more. The solution was slow in arriving, and there were even those who understood that this could take a long time to be resolved.

Last week a solution arrived, which was sent directly to the Windows 11 testing program. It would be the solution that everyone had been waiting for and that would eliminate the problem once and for all. This was evaluated and proved to be sufficient to eliminate the problems.

Now, and officially, now everyone can install this patch, and thus make the problem disappear on AMD Ryzen. It's called KB5006746 and it definitely addresses L3 cache issues on these processors.

Microsoft recommends anyone with the identified flaw to install this new proposal. It will be enough to bring back to Windows 11 the expected performance and that it can offer users.

Once again Microsoft is able to quickly and objectively solve a problem. It is essential that it be eliminated, even because whoever had an AMD Ryzen processor was limited. KB5006746 fulfills the goal and again gives a full Windows 11 to use.