Recruited by security companies for a month-long job: this is how the assassination of the president of Haiti was orchestrated | Univision Latin America News

Although he had strong opposition in the country, the assassination of President Jovenel Moise has shocked the world and accentuated the deep crisis in that Latin American nation, the poorest in America.

Former members of the military and the cousin of a Duque government official

At least 13 of the detainees are former Colombian Army soldiers, reported the authorities who exhibited their photos.

One of them, Manuel Antonio Grosso Guarín, is the first cousin of the presidential advisor for national security of the Iván Duque government, Rafael Guarín, although the official assured that he has never met his cousin or had any contact with him. He is the son of one of his father’s 10 siblings, he said on Twitter.

Among the ex-military members of the group allegedly responsible for the murder is Francisco Eladio Uribe. A woman who identified herself on a radio show as his wife revealed that had been duped into a very tempting job offer, supposedly to take care of families of sheikhs, in charge of a company that he named ‘CTU’, according to a report from the newspaper The viewer.

According to the woman, her husband did not know exactly where he would be assigned and was offered $ 2,700 for the assignment. “I spoke with him on Wednesday at 10 o’clock at night and he told me that they had to stand guard, he was calm,” said the woman. But the next day the man wrote to him saying that he was being attacked and that “he did not understand what had happened.” Then she heard no more about him and finally saw on television that they had captured him.

According to the Colombian press, this ex-military man had been under investigation by the prosecution during his last years of career because of an extrajudicial execution of the so-called “false positives”, in which he could have participated.

Who are the former Colombian military allegedly involved in the assassination of the president of Haiti?

At least four companies involved

General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, director of the Colombian Police, gave details about the investigation that this country is carrying out into the assassination of the Haitian president, which was allegedly perpetrated by a group of mercenaries with a Colombian majority.

As detailed by the general in a press conference, they have identified at least four security services companies who could have been in charge of recruiting these men to carry out the assassination. The general did not give the names of these companies, but assured that their legal representation and activity in that country and who their owners are is being investigated.

The “CTU” company – which recruited Francisco Eladio Uribe, according to the woman who identified herself as his wife – has its headquarters in El Doral and is directed by a Venezuelan Antonio Enmanuel Intriago Valera, the Miami Herald detailed.

Thus, at least one group of the members of the command detained in Haiti would have been hired through the South Florida firm “CTU Security”, according to a person who interviewed the arrested Colombians and other sources consulted by the newspaper.

Little more than a month to plan the operation

According to the report by the Colombian authorities, a group of ex-military personnel traveled from Bogotá to Panama City on May 6, on a direct flight. Another group of 11 ex-military personnel traveled through the Dominican Republic on June 4.

“Duberney Capador and Alejandro Rivera García traveled from Bogotá to Panama and then to the Dominican Republic on May 6, they stayed for 4 days and on May 10, from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince by air,” Vargas said at a press conference.

The airline tickets were paid for by the companies that hired them and they had 32 days to plan the operation, authorities said.

“They entered in small groups, with the complicity of someone, they gave them residences in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods, the same one where the president lived,” Mathias Pierre, minister in charge of Electoral Affairs from Haiti, told W Radio, according to the newspaper. The country.

Betrayal of his security force?

Some experts and figures from the Haitian political environment assure that an operation like this would not have been possible without the collaboration of the president’s security team, which will also be investigated.

From Colombia, some sources assure that the alleged Colombian mercenaries were deceived.

Jenny Capador Giraldo, 37, and sister of one of the Colombians who died in the operation in Haiti, assured the newspaper Time that his brother was on a security mission and that the day the events occurred he wrote him a WhatsApp message telling him that “they had arrived late to protect the person they had to take care of, I imagine it was the president. That the Police he had them cornered and that he was going to try to mediate so that they would be listened to. “

According to the woman, she herself packed her brother’s suitcase on the day of his trip, on May 6. He was excited because he was going to earn some money for his children and his mother, on a mission to protect important people. Upon his arrival in the Dominican Republic, he was accommodated in a five-star hotel and then he went to Port-au-Prince, he explained.

“I am not going to rest until I clear my brother’s name, he is not a mercenary, he is a good man. For this reason, I also ask for help to bring his body to Colombia and bury him, my mother and he deserve it”, added. According to her, she learned of her brother’s death on television and no one from the government has contacted her family.

Iván Duque, the president of Colombia, offered “all the collaboration to find the truth of the material and intellectual authors of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse” and reported that he had ordered the intelligence director of the police and members of Interpol Colombia to travel to Haiti to support the investigations, which have already worked and are in Port-au-Prince.