Refugees on the border with Poland: Belarus dictator insults EU policy abroad

In the dispute over the organized refugee drama at the border fence between Belarus and Poland, dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) launched a verbal attack against the European Union!

In an interview broadcast on Belarusian state television, the dictator accuses the EU of waging a “hybrid war”. Then he cursed the European heads of state: “You bastards, you madmen, want me to protect you from migrants?”

Cynical: With his accusation that the European Union is waging a hybrid war against Belarus, Lukashenko is simply turning the tables. Because originally the heads of state of the EU had accused the dictator of wanting to destabilize the Union with his refugee policy and thus to wage a hybrid war.

In the last few months Lukashenko had more and more refugees flown into Belarus (including from Turkey) in order to then send them across the green border to Poland. The dictator is taking revenge on the EU for supporting opponents of Lukashenko’s regime last year.

Lukashenko threatens nuclear war

Thousands of refugees are waiting at the Belarusian border to be let through to PolandFoto: Leonid Shcheglov / AP

In an interview with the Russian magazine “Natsionalnaya Oborona”, the dictator also fired a hidden threat against the EU: “I fear that this confrontation at the border could lead to an active phase because of the migrants. These are reasons for provocation. All provocations are possible. ”One provocation is, among other things, Polish military helicopters, which fly very low on the border and thus frighten the refugees.

Then Lukashenko becomes even clearer: “If, God forbid, we commit even the slightest mistake here, Russia will immediately be involved, the largest nuclear power in the world.”

On Wednesday night, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (55, SPD) threatened the Belarusian dictator with sanctions from the European Union. “We will sanction all those who take part in the targeted smuggling of migrants,” said a statement from the Foreign Ministry. The expansion of the sanctions to other areas of the economy is also not ruled out. Because: the EU is “not open to blackmail”.

Polish border residents are afraid of war

Polish military helicopters patrol the border

Polish military helicopters patrol the borderFoto: Leonid Shcheglov / AP

The residents on the border with Belarus feel every day how the dispute over refugees is being carried out with ever tougher means. You are scared. “Helicopters fly every day, there are lots of troops and police officers. Cars with blue lights keep driving past “, the pensioner Janusz Pawłowski (68) from the border village Kruglany tells the Polish magazine”Fact“.” That makes the area safer, but who knows what would happen if the refugees broke through the border all together? “

Katarzyna Sosińska (51) runs a restaurant in Kruglany and has barely been able to sleep for days: “I always wake up at night and watch what is happening at the border. I hope there is no war, ”she says of“ fact ”.

The Polish Ministry of the Interior has banned border traffic near the city of Kuźnica. “We do not want border traffic in the vicinity of such a large group of migrants,” said State Secretary Maciej Wąsik. Around 800 refugees have set up camp on the Belarusian side in front of Kuźnica. Thousands more are supposed to stay in the woods.