Region: Man dies in fire, children injured by firecrackers – that’s how New Year’s Eve went

The new year starts with fewer missiles – but still some police operations. An overview of New Year’s Eve in the region and in Germany.

In Bayern the turn of the year was mostly peaceful. Still moved police and fire department New Year’s Eve and New Year repeatedly to missions. As the police headquarters in Swabia-North announced, it came in North Swabia at the turn of the year almost 170 police deployments. Compared to the previous year (almost 270 missions) the number fell significantly.

A total of 17 bodily harm offenses were reported to the police, with three reported property damage the total damage amounted to 1250 euros (excluding traffic accidents). Little pyrotechnics were ignited, police intervention should not have been necessary in this regard. In downtown Augsburg If only a few people had stayed, those present behaved in accordance with the corona.

At around 1 a.m., a fire broke out in Morellstrasse in the Antonsviertel in Augsburg. Firefighters evacuated the house – including the apartment in which the fire broke out. A 67-year-old man was found in the heavily smoke-filled rooms who suffered smoke inhalation and burns. He was initially in mortal danger and, according to the police, died on New Year’s morning. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

A 67-year-old man died in an apartment fire on Morellstrasse on New Year’s Eve.

Photo: Christoph Bruder

On New Year’s Eve, there were also several cases of bodily harm in the northern part of Bavarian Swabia – for example in Mering (Aichach-Friedberg district). According to the police, two men got into an argument there. A 16-year-old is said to have pulled a knife and seriously injured a 21-year-old.

Also in Lauingen (Dillingen district) there were incidents. The spokesman did not give any details. The police say they are not aware of any accidents with New Year’s Eve rockets or firecrackers.

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Im Allgäu According to the police, the night went quietly. “It was the usual incident,” said the police. There were 198 missions, around 20 fewer than in the previous year. Of the 198 missions, 47 (previous year: around 60) were due to disturbances.

Two children were in Kaufbeuren and in Neu-Ulm hit by fireworks and slightly injured, in Krumbach officers seized several alarm pistols and homemade fireworks. in the Westallgäu a fire broke out on New Year’s Eve, which was quickly extinguished.

New Year’s Eve and New Year in Bavaria: Police move out several times

The police in Munich moved out to more than 600 missions. This included 120 disturbances, 50 assault crimes and more than 40 missions in connection with pyrotechnics. In 13 cases there were indications of violations of the Infection Protection Act, it said. The fire brigade in charge of the state capital spoke of a “relatively calm New Year”. The fire brigade registered 58 missions. According to the information, there were no injuries.

Im space Ingolstadt the police moved out several times. There were isolated injuries from fireworks, but no serious accidents, as the police announced early on Saturday morning.

New Year's Eve in Augsburg was quiet - many restaurants were closed and only a few people were strolling through the city. It only got livelier at midnight.

New Year’s Eve in Augsburg: The pictures of a quiet night

Photo: Klaus Rainer Krieger

In Niederbayern According to a police spokesman, there were numerous deployments, including violations of corona requirements. A private New Year’s Eve party has escalated in Mühldorf. The public prosecutor and the criminal police are investigating a 19-year-old for attempted manslaughter, assault and assault on members of the rescue service and police officers. According to the police, on the evening of December 31st he injured two friends and later a neighbor, a paramedic and two policewomen at a private New Year’s Eve party.

In Upper Franconia there were several small fires. Most of them were probably accidentally caused by fireworks, according to a police spokesman. In a few cases, according to the police, arson could be behind it.

In the Oberpfalz there were quarrels between drunks. These were probably part of the “normal New Year’s Eve”, as a police spokesman put it.

Deaths on New Year’s Eve in Germany and Austria

In Hennef in North Rhine-Westphalia a person died at a private New Year’s Eve party. Shortly after midnight there was a very loud bang and two men were seriously injured on the ground. Any help came too late for a 37-year-old, and a 39-year-old came to a clinic with life-threatening injuries.

In Austria a 23-year-old died in the explosion of a bullet bomb in the municipality of Klausen-Leopoldsdorf, according to the news agency WHAT reported. Three other people were injured.

In Leipzig a man was life-threateningly injured when igniting a firecracker, which was probably also self-made, as a police spokesman said.

People were badly injured with fireworks and firecrackers

In Berlin Twelve people injured in an explosion had to be brought to clinics for treatment, as the fire brigade announced on New Year’s morning. According to the fire brigade, the youngest injured is an eleven-year-old boy.

In the Berlin accident hospital, among other things, five “firecracker victims with burns and hand injuries” were treated surgically. Two people would be treated who had blasted off body parts, said a spokeswoman in the early morning.

At least two people were in Hamburg Seriously injured when setting off fireworks. In the Bramfeld district, according to the police, a firecracker exploded in a self-made launching device and seriously injured a 50-year-old man in the face. His life is in danger. In another case, a man’s hand may have to be amputated after unsuccessful bullying.

According to the officials, thousands of people were out and about in downtown Hamburg despite a ban on gathering – around 10,000 in St. Pauli, around 2500 around the Inner Alster and around 2000 at the jetties.

When a gas cylinder exploded during a New Year’s Eve party in Melle (Lower Saxony) several people were injured, one of them life-threatening. The gas bottle had exploded in the extension of a family house for reasons that were not yet clear.

New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is canceled – but thousands are coming

In Stuttgart There were clashes between party-goers and the police at the central palace square around midnight. Some aggressive party-goers harassed the officials and pelted them with firecrackers. The police said they used batons and pepper spray against the crowd. One police officer suffered a bang and two others were slightly injured.

Im Leipzig quarter Connewitz According to the police, it was “quieter than usual”. Two years ago there had been serious riots there. This time there were also clashes, the police advanced with increased forces. 300 to 500 people blocked the street next to a burning shopping cart. But around 2 a.m. the situation was under control again. There were no injuries.

The police in Dresden According to his own statements, objects were thrown at from a group of people on New Year’s Eve. The officers met 50 to 100 people in the Leipziger Vorstadt district shortly after midnight, the police said. These would have set up obstacles on the road and set them on fire. An emergency vehicle was damaged by throwing bottles. Most people left the place when riot police arrived.

In Berlin The traditional New Year’s Eve break at the Brandenburg Gate was canceled – nevertheless, “several thousand people” gathered nearby at midnight, as a police spokesman said. Officials had asked people to leave the area, the crowd had gradually dissolved. (axhe / dpa)