Rémy Daillet placed in police custody for plans for coup d’etat and attacks

Rémy Daillet, a figure in conspiratorial circles, was placed in police custody on Tuesday for plans for coups d’état and violent actions, in particular an attack on a Masonic lodge in Moselle.

Rémy Daillet, already imprisoned in the context of the kidnapping of little Mia in the spring, was taken from his cell to be placed in police custody. Its secretary, Ginette M., 67, was also arrested and taken into police custody. They were both questioned in the premises of the DGSI (General Directorate of Internal Security).

12 indictments

Rémy Daillet is suspected of having been the instigator of a small group planning violent actions. An investigation has been open for several months into these attack projects and the investigations of the anti-terrorism judges have led, since May, to the arrests and indictments for “criminal terrorist association” of 12 people belonging to the ultra-right. .

Among them, some would belong to the small group “Honor and Nation”, which planned to attack a lodge of Freemasonry in Moselle. On October 8, four men aged 43 to 69, including two soldiers, were indicted. Convinced that “Emmanuel Macron is at the service of money and that we must put an end to big capital”, these men had “the idea of ​​a coup d’etat, of an overthrow of the French government”, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Rémy Daillet, 54, has already been prosecuted in the Mia case for “complicity in the kidnapping of a 15-year-old minor committed in an organized gang and criminal association with a view to committing the crime of kidnapping a 15-year-old minor in organized gang ”. Rémy Daillet, his partner and their three children were arrested at the end of May in Malaysia where they were living. They were then deported to France.

Since 2017, six investigations into plans for ultra-right attacks have been opened by the anti-terrorism prosecution. Interviewed in the Matinale de CNEWS last September, Laurent Nuñez, national coordinator of intelligence and the fight against terrorism, had specified that these six clandestine cells dismantled “had intentions to take action”. “The threat is real, we really have to take it seriously”, he underlined, referring to “groups which will go underground with inclinations to attack representative democratic institutions”. “In the United States, over the past ten years, there have been more victims of ultra-right terrorism than Sunni Islamist terrorism,” he added.