Researcher on anti-corona vaccination opponents: “The general public has to pay for indolence and stupidity”

Germany Behavioral researcher at the Leopoldina

“The general public has to pay for the indolence and stupidity of those who oppose the vaccination”

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The behavior researcher Armin Falk from the Leopoldina criticizes people who refuse to be vaccinated. He also has clear words for the chairman of the Free Voters, Hubert Aiwanger. He gets headwind from patient advocates.

Dhe behavioral researcher Armin Falk from the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has criticized the no to corona vaccinations in an unusually sharp form. “The general public has to pay for the indolence and stupidity of the vaccine opponents,” said Falk of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Friday edition).

The German Foundation for Patient Protection accused the scientist of “regular table level” because of his statements. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) spoke out in favor of only allowing corona restrictions to apply to unvaccinated people in the future.

“Not getting vaccinated has nothing to do with rationality, but simply with self-interest,” said Falk, an economist at Bonn University and a member of the Leopoldina. Because the side effects of vaccination are manageable and the benefits for society are huge, he called for a “vaccination obligation”. At least access to restaurants, travel and events should be made more difficult for non-vaccinated people. Otherwise it would boil down to the fact that “the cooperatives are stupid”. The scientist excluded people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons from his criticism.

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Falk also wants to take the vaccination status into account for hospital treatments. “If ventilators become scarce or we get into a triage situation again, which I hope not, and we are then faced with the choice of whether a vaccinated or non-vaccinated person gets the treatment, then I would say that the vaccination status is in the consideration should be included, ”he told the“ FAZ ”.

Sharp criticism of Aiwanger

Falk sharply criticized the chairman of the Free Voters, Hubert Aiwanger. He was skeptical about corona vaccinations and does not want to be vaccinated himself. “Shut up, get vaccinated,” recommended the scientist to the Bavarian Vice-Prime Minister. He was stunned by the arguments against vaccination opponents.

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The board of directors of the Patient Protection Foundation, Eugen Brysch, told the AFP news agency that the benefits of vaccination were undoubtedly obvious. “But to call skeptics polemicists and stupid people is linguistically abusive.” As an “ethical failure”, Brysch also described thought games of discriminating against non-vaccinated people in medical treatment. “That is discrimination of the worst kind. The strategy of a vaccination campaign must not divide, but must educate.”

Schäuble told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” on Thursday that the vaccination debate was going “in the wrong direction”. He spoke out in favor of lifting corona requirements only for vaccinated people in order to encourage those unwilling to be vaccinated to immunize.

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Since the risk of infection from vaccinated or convalescent people is lower, these groups could not be permanently subject to all the restrictions that must apply to non-vaccinated people, said Schäuble. “For such a different treatment of the tested on the one hand and those who have recovered and vaccinated on the other hand, I do not see any constitutional problems, since the risk of vaccination is extremely low according to the current state of knowledge.”