Richard Ferrand believes that burying or rushing on pension reform would be “madness”

Using the pension reform project to bounce back from the defeat of the majority (La République en Marche, LRM) in regional elections is not a solution for the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand (LRM). He believes that“To bury this project like rushing would be madness to [ses] eyes “.

“We do not reform to give ourselves an image. Three in four French people believe that economic recovery is the priority of the moment. They’re right “, underlined Mr. Ferrand.

“I still want a reform which reduces inequalities by putting an end in particular to special regimes and which opens up new rights to young people and women”, said Ferrand in an interview with Sunday Newspaper (JDD), for who “The pension reform cannot be abandoned”.

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“Let us clearly reaffirm what we want to do and commit ourselves to this being our first reform of the second five-year term of Emmanuel Macron”, added Mr. Ferrand, while some members of the government, such as the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, are pushing to get the reform back on track without waiting for 2022.

Call for vaccination

For the chairman of the assembly, “The priority is health security and employment, therefore vaccination and recovery”.

Regarding vaccination, Mr. Ferrand felt that it was becoming “An absolute imperative”, mostly “Among caregivers and professionals working in nursing homes”.

“The stowaway strategy of waiting for others to get their injection is incomprehensible”, said Ferrand according to whom “This attitude is calling into question free screening tests” and “Threat to the most fragile, public finances, economic recovery (…) and our social life”.

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The President of the Assembly also described as“Evidence” that Prime Minister Jean Castex, “Who does his job well, stays in Matignon”. “Are all the ministers in tune with their respective ecosystems? It is for the Prime Minister to judge with the President. “

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