RTP3 debate. CDS and Liberal Initiative diverge on state support but both rule out Chega

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos and Cotrim de Figueiredo were face to face at RTP3, in a debate where the State’s supporters started out on the table.

The CDS leader accused the Liberal Initiative of not worrying about the underprivileged and Cotrim Figueiredo found that this was also a criticism coming from the Left Bloc. “When we are attacked from the left and the right in exactly the same way, something must be doing right”, he concluded.

Asked what concrete support should be provided, the IL leader replied that “all support should be given so that people without a home, food and decent health do not become destitute”.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, on the other hand, said that the CDS was “the social right because we are the right that knows that there are people who have not had the same opportunities to succeed in life and if the State does not put them on an equal footing, they cannot ascend socially.” “João Cotrim de Figueiredo radically ignores this,” he accused.

Since then, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos has not spared criticism of the Liberal Initiative. The CDS leader said he had views similar to those of Cotrim Figueiredo, “until the moment when the Liberal Initiative stops caring about people and looks exclusively at the markets.”

“They’re all the same on the left, except for the economy,” said the CDS leader. “A vote in IL is not necessarily a vote for the left, on the contrary, because a large part of the program vote with the Left Bloc,” he added. Rodrigues dos Santos came to classify the IL leader as “a Ruth Marlene of politics, who sometimes blinks to the left, now to the right”.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos stated that IL “does not bring any innovation to the right” and accused the party of “copying many of the CDS flags”.

“They cannot say that they are the only party that defends the reduction of the tax burden”, said Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos. “It is not the only party that can say it is on the side of businessmen. We voted against the Constitution”, he added.

Privatizations and minimum wage

The two directors showed their disagreement over the privatization of TAP, RTP and Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), with Cotrim de Figueiredo defending the three and Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos raising reservations about the sale of RTP and the public bank .

Regarding the privatization of TAP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos says that IL defends “a savage privatization” and adds: “We are not savage capitalists, nor do we put people in front of people like João Cotrim Figueiredo”.

Following this discussion, Cotrim de Figueiredo asked the CDS leader: “What kind of right wing is this that the State intends to have in all these companies?”

The increase in the national minimum wage to 900 euros was also a point of contention, with IL considering that the “measure is not reasonable given the current situation” and should be seen in conjunction with other factors such as productivity” and the CDS -PP defending the decision-making “in the context of social consultation”.

Unanimous parties in the ‘deny’ to Chega

Amidst all the divergences, the two parties found unanimity in ‘denying’ Chega. Rodrigues dos Santos said that the CDS will not integrate “any government that integrates Chega” and added that “it will be up to Chega to decide in Parliament to make a right-wing government viable”.

Cotrim Figueiredo also made it clear that André Ventura’s party is “the red line” of IL. “With Chega, we will not contribute to a solution within the government”, he stressed.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos finally admitted that he was “available” to come to terms with João Cotrim de Figueiredo, in case IL – whom he called his “modern cousin” – “stops making concessions to the far left in matters such as euthanasia, the abortion, prostitution, soft drugs, gender ideology in schools and prohibitions on bullfighting”.

Cotrim de Figueiredo, who considered Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos as “the youngest of the leaders who has the oldest head of all”, replied saying that “when compromises are made, it is respecting the freedom of others.

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