Russia: Model Gretta Vedler (23) predicted her own death at the hotel reception – news abroad

It is a dramatic testimony of a desperate young woman who insists on help – but does not get it.

A Russian model (23) appears to have predicted her own death in a video. This is reported unanimously „Daily Mail“ and the „Sun“.

Explosive: just a few days later, Gretta Vedler was actually murdered by her jealous ex-boyfriend. The killer stuffed her body in a suitcase. Apparently he didn’t like the fact that she also earned money as an escort.

In the video, the model can be seen at a reception desk, reportedly in March last year at a Moscow hotel. She records the situation herself with her cell phone, apparently keeping it hidden.

“Remember his name”

Accordingly, the young woman says: “I come from number 708. I screamed, I was threatened with death, but nobody came to my aid.”

The hotel employee answers something incomprehensible, she then adds: “Remember his name.” Then she calls her ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin her future killer and repeats his name several times.

The model had sent the video clip to a friend. According to media reports, she said about the killer: “I have met Korovin several times. I didn’t like him at all. It was immediately clear that this person is unpredictable, unprincipled and dangerous.”

This is how Vedler showed up in photos on social networksPhoto: Instagram / Gretta Vedler

He knew about her escort job, but didn’t stop her. “On the contrary, he took advantage of the fact that she was making a lot of money,” said the victim’s girlfriend.

But then he apparently went nuts. He strangled Vedler in the hotel room and then, according to his own statements, slept next to her corpse for three days. He admitted the crime to investigators. And also told how he then put his ex-girlfriend’s body in a newly bought suitcase and also filled it with charcoal. That should cover the smell of decay.

So that the deed was not noticed, he also repeatedly posted photos of Vedler on social networks. Her friends should not suspect, believe that she is alive.

Finally, a year later, the young woman’s body was found in a trunk in Korovin’s parents’ garage, almost 500 kilometers away.

The model’s death also made headlines for calling Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin, 69, a “psychopath” a month before she disappeared. He has plans to “forge a bigger Russia,” she said. That was before Putin launched his all-out attack on Ukraine. Apparently Vedler had a premonition.